Sunday, May 24, 2015

Villejuif: a young man of 20 fatally stabbed – The Obs

Saturday, late in the afternoon, around 18h, this young man, aged 20, was attacked by two individuals traveling by scooter in the city Yuri Gagarin, in Villejuif ( Val-de-Marne), while he was with a friend.

Struck with multiple stab wounds, the young man died of his injuries on the spot , reports the website of the “Parisien”.

His friend was also stabbed. Wounded several stab wounds in the back, it was supported by the emergency and hospitalized.

According to the first elements of the investigation by the judicial police of Val-de-Marne, aggression intervened shortly after a purchase of drugs between both victims and offenders, two dealers located near this city of Villejuif, says “Le Parisien”.

Two attackers who managed to escape before the intervention of emergency and police

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