Tuesday, May 26, 2015

“The Republicans” is there a legal name? – The World

Justice must decide on Tuesday whether the UMP can rebrand Republicans as desired by Nicolas Sarkozy.

Rename the Union for a Popular Movement “Republicans” there is a “ownership common good “? Emergency seized by associations and leftist parties and some 140 individuals, including five with the last name “Republican”, the court hearing the application must judge of Paris, Tuesday, May 26, the legality of the new name wanted by Nicolas Sarkozy for his party

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Whatever the decision, the game will be far from over. The party of former President has already announced it will appeal a possible ban. Complainants must in turn take action on the merits, the judge ruling that the urgency on the basis of a possible “unlawful infringement” .

” All Republicans “

For the complainants, the disorder is manifested since, according to Christophe Léguevaques, a lawyer with the complaint, ” we are all Republicans by the first article the Constitution “, which states that ” France is an indivisible, “” and there, two thirds of the population are excluded. “

Rest to show how this change would violate the law. For the complainants, the UMP would deliver a particular “indirect denigration” of other political parties, the use of the definite article “The” suggesting that only this party is Republican. They argue that, if “Republican” was used as an adjective, “Republican Party”, for example, they would do no harm. They also consider that the deposit by a communications agency close to the UMP three logos representing this new “brand” violates trademark law.

In front, the UMP supporters all first challenged the legality of the action, filing a priority question of constitutionality (QPC) on the grounds that the procedure would breach Article 4 of the Basic Law stipulating that political parties “are formed and are operating freely “. Then they vehemently denied any desire for future ex-UMP and is awarded a patent of exclusivity Republican. For his part, the former Minister Brice Hortefeux, very close to Nicolas Sarkozy, ruled “a little curious and worrying that the majority parties want to prevent the opposition to choose the name” .

Vote militants Thursday

The court will first rule on the QPC. If it passes it for consideration at the Supreme Court, the proceedings would be frozen, but it could still take precautionary measures, being in an emergency procedure. Otherwise, it will then decide on the request.

The vote UMP activists, including the name change, is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, three weeks after the adoption of the new name by the political bureau of the UMP. It would not be challenged by any decision favorable to the plaintiffs, but the Congress “refounding” of Mr. Sarkozy would take a severe blow.


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