Saturday, May 30, 2015

Motorist killed in Paris: required detention against the police … – TF1

After nearly 48 hours of police custody, he will be brought. The police officer suspected of killing a man at Paris drunken state will be presented Saturday at a magistrate for his indictment. This presentation will be part of a criminal investigation for manslaughter aggravated by the breach to a duty of care (the traffic) and alcoholic state.

Based in PJ of Seine-Saint-Denis, the chief sergeant of 39 years which was not in use, returning from an evening nuite box at speed. It does not stop at the red light not according to the first elements of the investigation, when it struck the van driven by a deliverer 40, to 4:15, Boulevard de Sebastopol. Ejected from his vehicle under the violence of the shock, B. Yazid died shortly after. He was the father of three children aged 7, 9 and 11 years.

The policeman, who was driving an unmarked car without being in service, had a blood alcohol level of 2.13 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, more than four times the authorized rate (0.5 grams) and nearly three times that at which driving while intoxicated is a crime (0.8 grams).

The widow of the victim wants to complain

The colleague alleged drunk driver, who was in the passenger seat and is also assigned to the PJ Seine-Saint-Denis, was heard as a witness. He had a blood alcohol level of 1.6 grams in the blood. The widow of slain deliveryman said his intention to complain: “If it was a normal accident … But it comes from police who should protect citizens, respect the law and the rules of the road,” he does -she said Friday proven very

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The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve warned that if the investigation court confirmed the initial findings, it would exercise “of great severity” against the two police officers, “including criminal prosecution.”

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