Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Outreau trial: Myriam undermines Badawi’s son – FranceTV info

(France 3)

His hearing was eagerly awaited. Myriam Badawi, one of the key figures in the Outreau affair and the mother of the victims, cleared Daniel Legrand son, this Wednesday, May 27 before the Court of Assizes of minors.

She had been sentenced in 2004 to 15 years imprisonment for the rape of his son. She was released in 2011. Today, it provides not want to lie. “I do not know Daniel Legrand. The lie is no longer part of my life” , she assured at the bar, and discredits the word of his son, Jonathan Delay.

“It made me a slap” , recognizes the latter, one of the main accusers. It has also tried everything. During the hearing, the boy approached his mother asking him: “ Can you tell me in the eye it does not happen with Daniel Legrand?” . Myriam Badaoui persists and signs: “Nothing”

Jonathan Delay does not hide his disappointment. “I know very well how it acts She acted the same. so there ten years and it only confirms what I think. Myriam Badawi is a pathological liar. “

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