Saturday, May 23, 2015

The nightmare of the Outreau case continues for the protagonists – The Point

The nightmare continues. A random investigation, but painful memories blur children raped, a renewed distress “acquitted” … The court in Rennes plunged in the throes of the Outreau case with Daniel Legrand trial for rape of children he allegedly committed when he was a minor. A dive that could exacerbate, in the second week, Tuesday and Wednesday, the testimony of the main perpetrators of rape Delay on children, their parents Thierry and Myriam Delay Badawi

Three young men broken -. The an accused pedophile rape for the 3rd time, Daniel Legrand, raped and two children grew up, and Jonathan Chérif Delay – with similar chaotic course, have their suffering face to face, a few days apart, during the first week hearing this Assize trial that has three. Stays in psychiatric detention, minor offenses, convictions … Even if he wants to Delay son who, without having recognized the first two trial support today to the bar “it was there” and participated in some sexual abuse they suffered, Daniel Legrand, 33, listens carefully recount their journey, so close to his.

The heavy psychiatric drug treatment, the prison is also leaves Chérif Delay, 25, came screaming Thursday his suffering but the hell that is his life, from a terrible Christmas, synonymous with first rape at the age of 5 years. The man so like him who observes from the dock, Cherif said he was one of his attackers, once, but he was a victim, as he violated by her stepfather when a minor.


But if Daniel Legrand and his namesake father, also acquitted and died in 2012, to take first place in the scenes of horror described Chérif Delay, other people, accusing it 15 years ago, have disappeared. The day before, his little brother Jonathan Delay, 20, was first declared “a victim of the Outreau case.” And according to him, Daniel Legrand, has “been there” when he was attacked. “I see my parents”, he simply stated. Without clarification.

Only tangible, solid elements, at Jonathan as Chérif, suffering, rapes suffered from as much as their deep sense of injustice. They live the “legal fiasco” of Outreau, the acquittal of 13 of the 17 accused, as an insult. The heavy sentences of their main torturers, their parents Thierry and Myriam Delay Badawi and a couple of neighbors who also confessed, were swept in their minds by the violence they have experienced during the trial. “I was asked to answer a number of questions … This was followed by two trials where they are almost all out and paid,” summarizes Jonathan.

But their testimonies, as on quicksand, are neither reinforced nor denials, by the random investigation initially conducted by Judge Fabrice Burgaud. A “Dany Legrand” aggressor first appears on a list, written by a family assistant who had been placed at Dimitri, another brother Delay. Then, in the mouth of Myriam Badaoui, it becomes a “sex shop boss” in Belgium. Yet highlight the president of the court by questioning the former judge Fabrice Burgaud Friday, Daniel and his father are “neither Danny nor Belgian or sex shop bosses …”

But despite the barrage of questions about the flaws in his statement, Fabrice Burgaud conceded no regrets. The hearing resumes Tuesday with Dimitri Delay of hearing, plaintiff too, before Thierry Delay is heard in the afternoon videoconference from the prison where he is serving his sentence of 20 years imprisonment for violated her children. The next day it’s their mother, Myriam Badawi, whose statements were changing so much contributed to the building of the statement of Outreau that its collapse, which must testify in person. Having served two-thirds of 15 years of imprisonment to which she was sentenced, she is free since 2011.


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