Wednesday, May 27, 2015

According to Jean-Francois Cope, “the upcoming presidential … do –

Invited to RTL on Wednesday, Jean-Francois Cope spoke of his departure from the presidency of the UMP there a year, ensuring that the Bygmalion affair made him a victim, just as the war had opposed François Fillon in 2012. “You ride leisurely 50 km / h, you have nothing to reproach you, and there, the truck cuts you off the road and priority refusal” reports the former President of the UMP to describe his situation at the time.

The member also referred to his forthcoming book “The French start”, to be published in January 2016, and promises that “the next presidential election will be like no other”


Jean-Francois Cope, bringing together his faithful at the end of August in the Vaucluse, presents this political work as “the most important of his career.”

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