Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Republicans together, united behind Sarkozy, really? – L’Express

The UMP is dead, long live the Republicans. But no sooner born, the new party of Nicolas Sarkozy, supposed to wipe and put in order of battle a straight split for the presidential 2017, already has its share of controversy … The Express lists

Juppe and Fillon booed by militants

The tone was set at the founding congress, Saturday, May 30, when Alain Juppé and Francois Fillon are booed and whistled. The meeting of militants, largely supporting the cause of Nicolas Sarkozy, apparently still tolerates the two former Prime Ministers are candidate for the primary right.

“Hysterical,” tackle Juppe

Guest Sunday’s Grand appointments Europe 1, iTELE, Le Monde Juppe did not hesitate to call “hysterical” and the so-called sectarian militants whistlers.

“The resurgence of the old party”, agrees NKM

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet also regretted these whistles. “It’s more a quack (…) they are the resurgence of the old party,” she said, referring to the whistles Alain Juppe has already suffered.

The conditions laid down Juppe

Also at the Grand appointment, Alain Juppe also went to his little threat. Responding to a question about the opening in the center of the new party internment -a bitter debate, the former prime minister said he would not participate in the primary if it is not open in the center.

He did not hesitate to say, between the lines, that his confidence around the organization was more than limited. “If it goes well, if the primary is transparent, if there is enough voters, if that is the primary right and center, I’ll play the game completely.” Otherwise “it will not,” he warned.

His criticisms against Nicolas Sarkozy

Alain Juppe also criticized the speech “a little excessive” of Nicolas Sarkozy at the founding congress, and his vocabulary ” which is a little too up the heat, which attack people. That’s not my kind of beauty, “he was tackled.

NKM and soon landed Wauquiez?

And the good overall mood is not limited to these incisive declarations since Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet and Laurent Wauquiez would be “on the hot seat, “according to Le Parisien .

The first, claiming his freedom of speech, “annoy” Nicolas Sarkozy. The second, too maverick, does not have the confidence of the former head of state. Both, number 2 and 3 respectively of the Republicans, could leave their office during a reshuffle ensures Le Parisien.

Sarkozy Holland in 2017? NKM, does not want it … Neither the French

Asked about the prospect of a Hollande-Sarkozy rematch in 2017, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet said on France 3 that “if history seems to retake the dishes, it does not interest … “. A thinly veiled criticism against the return of Nicolas Sarkozy as the candidate of the right.

An opinion apparently shared by nearly three-quarters of French (72% against 26%), who do not want that Nicolas Sarkozy in the presidential election of 2017, according to a survey released Odoxa Saturday.


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