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Trial outreau: Legrand “confessed to the facts three times,” according to … – Le Parisien

May 22, 2015, 16:17 | Updated: May 22, 2015, 17:05

But video conference from Paris.

Today aged 43, the former judge of Saint-Omer, now an auditor at the Court of Cassation, begins with a long statement of 45 minutes.

 He gave “specific details”

He acknowledged that he had “doubts about the participation” of Daniel Legrand son and even have wondered “if there was not a victim rather than author. ” But 15 years after the start of the case, he always defends his same instruction he received a reprimand for his negligence few years later. He recalled that before retracting, Daniel Legrand son, then aged just 20 years, “confessed to the facts three times” without “any pressure” on his part.

He added: Daniel Legrand “said screaming kids, children shouting .”. He gave “specific details” that could only come from information published by the press. According to former judge, “when people invent facts, they do not give details of credibility” For him, “it seemed sincere.” Another disturbing circumstance after Fabrice Burgaud: “When his confession, he apologized spontaneously near the victims for evil that made them


So why Daniel Legrand turned around a few weeks later, once incarcerated? Burgaud admits to not being “surprised” by this change. “It’s hard to take such facts,” he explains. Fabrice Burgaud, Daniel Legrand is also recanted his testimony because he had received threats in prison.

The heartbreaking testimony of Sherif

Thursday, Cherif Delay, one of the children recognized as victims in the case, charged Daniel Legrand in a very confusing statement. For the first time, it has designated as the aggressor but a victim of rape.

If it appears for the time he was aged 16 to 18 years, Daniel Legrand has instead been acquitted with 12 others accused of Outreau, rape charges subsequent to its majority.

VIDEO. The image behind the judge Burgaud “is very unfair,” according to his lawyer

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