Sunday, May 31, 2015

Woippy: a drunken man opened fire and killed a woman in the street – Le Figaro

A man drunk killed a 22 year old woman and injured three people, including two seriously, before being overpowered and arrested by police.

A sensitive area in the outskirts of Metz (Moselle) woke up in shock on Sunday after a fatal shooting in the street at night. It started Saturday, about 22 hours, while several festivals were organized in front of the bars and into a stairwell by residents of Boileau district, straddling the towns of Metz and Woippy.

A man, construction worker unemployed for 49 years, came from a nearby neighborhood, participated in one of these evenings, highly alcoholic. Equipped with an automatic gun with a caliber 9 mm acquired unlawfully and whose port No individual, he opened fire, killing a young woman of 22 and wounding three others.

Already convicted, including for illegal firearms, the alleged gunman could seek revenge after an “altercation amid Alcohol”, for a seemingly “trivial” cause, said Sunday Attorney Metz, Christian Mercuri.

In addition to the young woman of 22, died after being hit by several bullets, the brother of the victim, 25 year old, and a young man of 18 years were in very serious condition, one shot in the head and one in the abdomen. Their days were still at risk Sunday afternoon, said Mr. Mercuri. In total, fifteen casings were found in five different crime scenes by investigators.

Shots taken for firecrackers

“At first, we all thought they were firecrackers, and then I saw a gunman firing at everybody, “said Dylan, 20, an employee of a maintenance company. “I did not meet the eyes of the shooter to risk taking a bullet,” says Louisa, 43, who was returning home with the younger of her two children when she heard the shots. From her window, she then saw the help that were busy trying to revive the young woman of 22 years in vain

By the time we tried to revive her with blows of cardiac massage, d. Other shots were heard within a radius of 500 meters and the police threw the heels of the shooter.

Mastered taser

Spotted by an equipped patrol taser guns to electrical impulses, the alleged gunman was neutralized by the time he was going to “take perhaps another victim,” said an investigator. “If he had time, he would undoubtedly have opened fire” on the police, the gun is still loaded and ready to fire, according to Police Commissioner of Public Safety Moselle, Olivier Saudreau. There were other reserve ammunition in his pockets.

“The attacker took enormous risks” by setting plays the police, noticed the senator and mayor of Woippy, François Grosdidier (Republicans ) while praising the “great professionalism” of law enforcement. The prosecutor praised their “exceptional coolness” that allowed to avoid further burdening the terrible toll of the tragedy.

Placed in custody, the alleged gunman was to be brought before a judge Monday instruction for an indictment, probably to murder and attempted murder if the investigation helps retain premeditation of acting out. The man had been sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, suspended for some sexual assault and violence and offense against legislation on arms.


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