Friday, May 29, 2015

Sarkozy. He confirmed that the UMP is now called Republicans – Ouest-France

UMP activists were invited to vote for the proposed new name for their political party. . 83% of voters approved this choice and participation was 46%

According to AFP, the message released by Nicolas Sarkozy on the website of the new party is entitled: “Calling all Republicans France”

“Rallying Cry”

Republicans This is not only the new name of a party. This is the rallying cry of all those and all those who suffer to see the Republic back every day and want to object to decline a certain refusal “, it said in the appeal.

The call presented in a tricolor frame is topped by the new party symbol, a stylized R, also tricolor. Nicolas Sarkozy also tweeted this text.

Republicans is the name of those who always prefer freedom to all forms of addiction and always choose the openness to the universal against the communitarian confinement, a sense of common destiny in the War origins and memories “.

” Fight against fanaticism and fundamentalism “

” Republicans, it ‘ Thus call those who fight for the emancipation of the human person and for self-determination, Republicans, thus are called those for whom the fight against fanaticism and fundamentalism, against obscurantism and unreason, against the barbarity and savagery that threatens every form of civilization in the world, beyond the right and left “ says Nicolas Sarkozy.

“Republicans of France, you who think democracy is greater with the Republic without it, you watching the Republic as a hope, the first of our common duties is not he keep this hope to our children? The Republic needs of each and every one of you “. “For tomorrow, our children find confidence in the future by continuing to write a history of freedom, equality, fraternity and secularism, let us unite” concludes Nicolas Sarkozy.

A procedure had been brought to justice by political parties and individuals to try to ban the use of the name Republicans. But the court ultimately ruled that the UMP could rebrand well.


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