Saturday, May 30, 2015

Last conference for the UMP, D day for Republicans – Le Figaro

Activists 83.3% adopted the new name “Republican” Friday night. Nicolas Sarkozy called on “all those who suffer to see the Republic back every day” to join his new party.

By Friday evening, everything was ready to launch with great fanfare Republicans, this Saturday, at Paris Expo Center of the Porte de la Villette. The suspense on the voting results of the militants ended with the dissemination of results, shortly after 21 hours. They approved by 83.3% of the votes the new name of the party, by 96.3% the new statutes and rules of procedure and by 94.8% the list of 80 names who will join the 40 members of the political bureau of law . Only downside, the participation for this election without stakes held 45.7% of the registered 213,000 took part in the vote, unless a participant on two

A few minutes before the announcement. results, as a teasing, the “pre-home page” of the new website was unveiled It includes a message signed Nicolas Sarkozy “all Republicans in France”.

In this text, the layout is very obviously inspired by that of the poster of the appeal of June 18, the boss of the Republicans its ambition: to gather beyond partisan boundaries. An absolute necessity for a chance to win in 2017, but declined on an emphatic tone: “Republicans, it is not only the new name of a party! cried he. This is the rallying cry of all those and all those who suffer to see the Republic back every day and want to object to decline a certain refusal. “

implicit critique of the left in power , this call advocates “openness to the universal against the communitarian confinement” and opposes “a sense of common destiny in the war origins and memories.” Nicolas Sarkozy invited to join “those who fight against fanaticism and fundamentalism, against obscurantism and unreason, against the barbarity and savagery that threatens every form of civilization in the world is beyond the right and the left. ” “For tomorrow, our children find confidence in the future by continuing to write a history of freedom, equality, fraternity and secularism, let us unite!” He concludes. Wednesday, during his speech at the Pantheon, Francois Hollande had also added to the republican secularism currency.

“Some have shown that they were not fully available . Of them is not expected that they neglect their duties, but they are minimal present Vaugirard Street “

After Saturday’s festivities, serious things going again. The management team will be revamped. “Until now, we were in a rally phase, says Brice Hortefeux. It is now that we demonstrate the effectiveness of our policy proposal: this will be reflected in the composition of the future executive team should be set up within ten days “Clearly, everyone has to get to work.! “Some have shown that they were not fully available, said a party official. Of them is not expected that they neglect their duties, but they are minimal present Vaugirard Street. “

Laurent Wauquiez he will leave the General Secretariat to pursue his campaign for regional Auvergne Rhone-Alpes? Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet she will retain its delegated Vice Chair while echoing corridors of party clashes repeatedly with the ex-head of state? In the entourage of NKM, it was said it would keep its place in the management of the Republicans: “She fought for Congress to be a success, she fought for innovative laws, this n is not the day when all this happen it will go away. “


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