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Outreau: Thierry Delay face his son, 14 years after the rapes – Le Figaro

On Tuesday, the court heard, videoconferencing, Thierry Delay serving a sentence of twenty years for the rape of his four children in 2001. He claimed to have never met Daniel Legrand, retried Rennes from 19 May And then responded to questions from two of these son, torn between anger and incomprehension.

Special Envoy to Rennes

Over the years Thierry Delay seems to strip off his body. He appeared at the trial of Saint-Omer, in spring 2004, bearded, fat as a pig, closed like an oyster. Then, a year and a half later, he was seen to testify at trial on appeal of Paris, thinned, smiling, dressed as if he went to pick mushrooms.

Here videoconferencing in court and jurors seating miners Ille-et-Vilaine, which rejugent Daniel Legrand, one of thirteen acquitted of the Outreau case. Thierry Delay, 51, sentenced in 2004 to twenty years’ imprisonment for rape and sexual assault of twelve children, and pimping, serving his sentence in a detention center in southern France. As has been held since 2001, he could file a request for parole, but apparently it is not. Mr. Delay is in prison as he was once at the Tour du Renard: since he was born, where it remains his miserable destiny pose. He spent half his life drunk death, he will undoubtedly go the other half recluse.

Multiple Sclerosis has gripped its thick shell, which has melted. By scrutinizing the features of a man who committed the worst monstrosities, we struggle not to fall prey to excessive compassion, but we must admit that the bastard of Outreau is pathetic. He waits obediently that President Dary launches interrogation. Her skin is yellowish. An unsightly baldness overcomes his forehead. His head, perpetually animated by a slight tremor, is slightly inclined on his right shoulder. His eyes are off. The acknowledgment of Saint-Omer, remains only black beard

The president asks the usual question. “Did you know the accused before the charges against him?” The answer is sufficient almost to herself: “. No”

Unlike his former wife, Myriam Badaoui, universal accuser he describes as “a bit pathological liar,” Thierry Delay has never challenged anyone during training – he denied his own involvement. At one point, he wrote to Burgaud judge that most of the indicted were innocent, which did not help, the judge allowing a greater price to suspected pedophiles listings by wheelbarrows arriving at his office . In Saint-Omer, Mr. Delay, raped by her own father, says that four adults are guilty: himself, his wife, and a couple of neighbors, Aurelie Grenon and David Delplanque – the quartet finally convicted. He insists that only four children, Chérif, Dimitri, Jonathan and Dylan, are victims.

President Neil Reagan brought to the bar, facing the camera, so that the witness identifies it. He acknowledged having seen the Saint-Omer and Paris. The accused sits down

President. “Who was present during the rape?”

The witness, who is not a friend of complex sentences: “No. “

” – Myriam Badaoui

– Yes

-.? Aurelie Grenon and David Delplanque

– Yes.

– Others

– No

-. The name of Daniel Legrand tells you something

– Not .

– His father, who bore the same name, was also charged. Did you know

– No. Never seen

-. Did you go to commit the facts in Belgium

-. Never been in Belgium

– Ms. Badawi has challenged both Daniel Legrand and others …

– She lied. Never done made with these people

-. Were you part of a pedophile network

– It’s all lies

. – The rape was perversion on your kids

– I never made films and cassettes. It was a perversion of my children

-. Why

– I do not know how it started

-. Chérif of us by “souvenirs” by which Daniel Legrand son was allegedly made, you …

-. Not at all

– And others, according to which he was author …

– No, that is false

-. Did you have any relationship with a sex shop in Boulogne

– Yes, j ‘there was going three or four times a week (it recognizes the picture of the manager, not Daniel Legrand father, while Ms. Badawi pretended)

-. We found a lot of tapes at home pornography: you buy this sex shop pedophiles movies

– I’ve never had tapes like that

– Have you filmed sexual acts imposed. ? your kids

– No. I did a movie with me and my wife, who was seized

-. Who decided to commit sexual abuse of your children

– We were all both agree

-. How is this possible

– Alcohol

-. At one point, the record contains the killing a little girl

-. I have committed no murder. I had a non-place. I do not know why [Daniel Legrand] lied about it, I know not. “

To the questions of Mr. Reviron, civil party, Thierry Delay replied that he was” still attached “to its children, even if they have been “harmed”. But he never wrote them, because their fate “(l)” more interested “once they were no longer at its thank you. He collected human skulls – he was 90 – for the purpose of “doing the catacombs” in his HLM. The lawyer is surprised, quite rightly, that Thierry Delay has not appealed his conviction for eight children he says he has not touched, “This is wrong. I have committed no facts about them, he insists. I kept the conviction for me. “

Thierry Delay, adopting Chérif, had renamed Kevin. He was often called “the gook” by knocking or violating it.

Mr. Delay does not know it, but this renunciation, quite consistent with his personality, today’s judicial revisionists of the Outreau case to argue that since twelve children have been recognized as victims and Delay-Badaoui not have four, other adults are culprits: acquitted, but also dozens of adults appointed by the children and not worried by the judge Burgaud. Videoconferencing with the convicted under off is about to be completed as Chérif, civil party, asked to speak to him, what he has not done for fourteen years. Thierry Delay said: The boy “Hello Sheriff.” “. This is the first time you call me Chérif” At the time, Thierry Delay, by adopting it, had renamed Kevin. He was often called “the gook” by knocking, or violating. Sharif resumed, taut as a bow: “Today I measure 1,82m I weigh 71kg and I’m not afraid of you. (It shows the camera his palm). This color is my origins and I am fier.Tu’re in my nightmares but when I see you there, you make me pity. You’re a shit, you’re shit today “He left the courtroom

Jonathan his brother, succeeded him..” I have questions to ask. You confirm that there are no other adults involved? You have the courage to say the opposite, “

Thierry Delay:” It was only four

– You’re absolutely certain

-?.? Yes.

– It was not filmed

– No.

– Why have you done all these things

– I did not have my head at me. I was not in my normal state. “

The look of Thierry Delay was not illuminated not even a second when he recognized two of his son. He did not ask them for forgiveness. He did not smile as when, just now, he realized that his “that’s right” was understood as “it’s Vincent,” and everyone was wondering who this newcomer in the file.

In reality, Thierry Delay died since becoming a child molester. That was in 1995. On Christmas day.


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