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Outreau trial Fabrice Burgaud denies any pressure on … – The World

The judge Fabrice Burgaud instruction testifies before the Parliamentary Select Committee on Outreau affair in February 2006.

The case could bear his name as he crystallized the critics. Fabrice Burgaud was heard again, Friday, May 22, to speak of Outreau. But the former judge intervened this time as a witness before the Assize Court for minors of Ille-et-Vilaine. And by video conference.

He will not have had to recross nor accusatory cameras or Neil Reagan, tried to Rennes since Tuesday and for three weeks to “rape and sexual assault of minors in meeting 15 “.

Daniel Legrand faces a third time for justice for the pedophilia case in which he was acquitted there ten years, with twelve others. For, unlike the latter and the four convicts – Thierry and Myriam Delay Badawi, parents of child victims, and a couple of neighbors – he was a minor at the time of the facts. And it is this period that is considered to Rennes, his 2005 acquittal concerning only the facts subsequent to its majority

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“I have not exercised pressure”

Before the Assize Court for minors of Ille-et-Vilaine Friday Fabrice Burgaud explained for more than three quarters of an hour how investigators were riled up Daniel Legrand, defending him against any pressure to obtain confessions “that three times book” according to a journalist from Ouest-France present at the hearing.

But he also set some accounts. Accused of having led his load instruction, it is well remembered a “pressure instruction” to “the media” .

He faced pointed questions to the president of the court, Philippe Dary. “Neil Reagan’s son indicted period without facts,” first emphasized the magistrate. “On the national territory, it makes no sense! he exclaimed. How can one defend himself against charges that are not marked in time? “ ” It would have been preferable to specify periods … “, admitted Fabrice Burgaud, adding: ” I think it was not possible report the hearings we were doing … “

” I brought you my witness, that’s all “

Mr. Dary then pointed out that, in most cases, the albums that were presented to respondents – victims or alleged perpetrators – included only individuals involved in the case. They were not mixed with foreign people the facts, as is usual practice in police investigations to detect fanciful declarations.

Fabrice Burgaud has blamed police before admitting it would have been “more desirable” to mix:

“I trusted [the police] with the little experience that was the mine … It’s true that when [photo albums] came, I could ask what is the resume. “

And at the end of the four-hour hearing, when asked about possible regrets, he only replied: ” I brought you my witness, that’s all. “

” He knows he has the misfortune of the name “

If Fabrice Burgaud is now a magistrate at the Court of Cassation, responsible for documentary research, the shadow of Outreau continued to hover over the life of him who was the young magistrate. And on his career. Finally, thirteen of the seventeen people he had originally indicted and detained on remand were acquitted, living meantime under the seal of the suspicion of pedophilia.

When asked by the parliamentary committee introduction a few months after the appeal hearing, the magistrate, livid, had sympathized with paid, considering, however, “honestly have performed his work” .

In 2009 facing the Higher Judicial Council (HJC), he played again his position: he did not conduct an “perfect” , he acknowledges, but he has “ not committed any disciplinary offense, or even remotely. “

” At no time have I used unfair tactics to trap indicted. “

The High Judicial Council has finally imposed a reprimand, the lowest of nine penalties provided by law. What had been criticized again, especially because one of the CSM members played a role in the instruction of the Outreau case. “ He knows he bears the name of misfortune” , then called him a close.


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