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+ VIDEO – According to final figures almost the motion of A Jean-Christophe Cambadélis collected 60% of the votes of the militants, the motion B slingers 29% and Karine Berger 9.5%. Motion C (1.5%) calls to vote for the current first secretary, during the vote on Thursday.

More good news for Francois Hollande and the executive. After renewed growth displayed by France, the PS will – much – better, and with it the President and his majority. Socialist activists to the polls on Thursday to set the party line have indeed borne in mind Motion A, which was supported by the government.

The motion of the first secretary of the PS Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, get even, according to final results nearly a score of 60%. So this is good news for Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls, the flexibility should be facilitated for the end of five years. “The motion A has an absolute majority and that proves larger than we thought” , welcomed the press to the national secretary of the Socialist Party in the elections, Christophe Borgel. These figures “are higher than those who were my upper range” , said the socialist leader, who did not hide his deep satisfaction.

Jean Christophe Cambadélis thanked socialist activists for their participation


As for the motion B, that defended by the party’s left wing and “slingers” socialists, it would get 29%. “Seventy-thirty is roughly similar, no doubt, the final result” , said on RTL Christian Paul, the leader of “slingers” the Socialist Party. He estimated that there were in the PS a “majority of ideas” for a reorientation of government policy and confirmed that he would run in front of Jean-Christophe Cambadélis May 28, when party activists will be invited this time to choose a first secretary.

D Motion defended by Karine Berger reached 9.5%. “We are absolutely delighted to be the third force of the PS, to be present everywhere and strong in many federations” , said the MP of the French Alps.

The motion supported by Florence C. Augier got 1.5%.

Turn the page of the “sling”

Christian Paul felt that the “rebellious” and the wing PS had left with their motion, “awakened” party “hibernating for three years” . “What is obvious is that there is a majority of ideas to request shifts” , he continued. He drew the conclusion that he had to turn the page of the “sling” of the forty elected socialists who refused to vote for government documents, such as the Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron on growth and activity. “I think that today is within the Socialist Party that majorities can emerge” , he explained


This close to Martine Aubry warned that he would check the PS – and therefore the political orientation of the motion A – properly respected by the government. He also rejected the idea of ​​a blank check for the executive: “I do not see in this Congress a plebiscite ideas Prime Minister” , has he said . “If the Prime Minister had deposited with those who think like him, a motion in the PS congress, it would be far from majority” .

Christian Paul has also considered that the vote had taken place in conditions “impeccable” “the vast majority of Sections” PS. “There was also, I regret, irregularities in a number of federations and we have the day to clarify all this” , he added, however.

55% participation

The satisfaction was palpable at the headquarters of the PS, because many feared disaffection socialist militants, often presented as puzzled or confused by the government’s policy. Those responsible for A motion they welcomed the participation (around 55% on an electorate of 131,000 activists “Assets”), “in the situation which is that of PS namely a convalescent party” , in the words of Christophe Borgel.

“75,000 voters (…), it is never satisfactory” , responded Jérôme Guedj ( Motion B) on Sud Radio. “Half of activists who come to vote, that’s not normal ‘, also estimated Christian Paul.

Election of the first secretary Thursday

Next step: Jean-Christophe Cambadélis next Thursday will submit to the vote of militants, as the first signatory of the motion, opposite Christian Paul the first signatory of the motion B. The winner of this election will take the reins of the PS. The current PS boss hopes to be knighted this time by the militants, who had been appointed headed by the National Council or “Parliament” of the party after the exfiltration of his predecessor Harlem Desire to the government in spring 2014.

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis has already assigned three objectives: “The government’s success” “the revival of the heads and minds” and “gathering of the left and environmentalists .” It also intends to “go beyond the PS” and go to a party of 500,000 members.

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