Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nicolas Sarkozy wants to build a Republic of confidence – Le Figaro

VIDEO – “Take good care what we promise tomorrow”, stated the former head of state at the Congress of Republicans, which also included the famous phrase of John Paul II: “Be not afraid”

“This day is a day of rebirth …,” commented Nicolas Sarkozy during his closing speech Congressional Republicans. A renaissance that he wanted to embody assuming a frontal opposition to the left in power. The president of the new party “The Republicans” has stepped up attacks, provocations, put in cases against the Socialist Party. But he carefully avoided naming directly Francois Hollande, he desperately denounced “the terrifying mediocrity”, or any other socialist leader. In this systematic indictment, he spoke out against the “socialist claim to have the monopoly of the

” Sectarianism, it is not us! “

Republic”. “Sectarianism, not us!”, He has proclaimed, referring also to judicial cases against him and stating that in “the Republic is not trying to win in the courts that we lost to the people! “. To justify this appropriation of a republican legitimacy that the left refused him, Nicolas Sarkozy appealed to General de Gaulle – the only former head of state quoted. “What would she become the Republic … if it had been the Socialist Party?” He quipped recalling that “in 1958 it was General de Gaulle who saved the Republic.” But he also denounced all aspects of government policy, to the foreign policy of Fidel Castro handshake to the disappearance of France in Europe. “If they had not betrayed the Republic, we would not need to face today”!

But Nicolas Sarkozy also wanted to set a new course in developing the theme of length a “Republic of confidence.” “When trust is lacking, everything collapses, and we are not so far from the collapse,” he insisted, quoting the famous words of Pope John Paul II: “Do not be fear “. “This mistrust must interpellate us, we must be careful in what we promise tomorrow to be certain that we will hold tomorrow,” he admitted, as if he was well aware that this distrust is as much as the others, he who has already exercised supreme power over five years.


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