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In the crowd around the Pantheon, emotion and frustration – The World

solemn tribute ceremony in the nation to Pierre Brossolette, Genevieve de Gaulle-Anthonioz, Germaine Tillion Jean Zay and the Pantheon, May 27, 2015.Arrival of the procession conveying the four coffins

The French had come in numbers to attend the entrance to the Pantheon of four strong, Germaine Tillion, Genevieve de Gaulle-Anthonioz, Jean Zay and Pierre Brossolette, Wednesday, May 27 But frustration was at the height of their desire to experience this historic moment. All the side streets instead of Pantheon being cut, and the public was relegated to several hundred meters of the building, behind barriers. Difficult in these conditions to see or hear something.

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“Access is very limited So, it’s not a very popular ceremony is over. a VIP ceremony, “ deplored Amira and Benjamin came with their two children. Benjamin, a law student at the Pantheon, so appearing this ceremony ” with the day of inauguration of François Mitterrand, where the crowd had accompanied the Pantheon. It has changed … “. The disappointment was also evident at Nelly and Françoise, two sexagenarian, come “to honor resistant” “We are very angry, we can not approach the ceremony. But that’s to be expected … “

Despite that frustration, it was important for them to come, especially to honor the memory of Germaine Tillion and Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz: “Women have worked hard during the war. That’s great that they have been chosen. “ Off the crowd stands Agniel François, son of Michele Agniel resistant, deported to Ravensbrück as both resistant honored. For him celebrate these two women has a special flavor: “My mother was very familiar Germaine Tillion and Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz. They were the voices of all resistance which are silent for forty years. “

Francis Xavier, 50 years, it was important ” celebrate individuals recognized by France and by all Europeans. ” As a large majority of those present, he emphasized “the presence of two women. It can repair an oversight and to show the evolution of society. This is a good choice of Francois Hollande. ” In the crowd, Thomas and Marc decided to take a break from their revisions to attend this event. For them, this ceremony “is symbolic. We must be grateful to these people. It is thanks to them that we can get an education and live today. They are all “.

As the President of the Republic, Mr. Holland, who recalled the spirit of January 11, Anne and Philippe found that the ceremony is timely “This is an important symbol, especially at this time. It allows to recall the constitutive values ​​of our history. “ For Francis Xavier,” the Pantheon became a secular church. This ecumenical celebration symbolizes the nation. This is important for the unity of the country “.


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