Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Republicans: rejection of the constitutional question … – Le Figaro

The urgent applications court on Tuesday rejected the priority issue of constitutionality (QPC) by the UMP, who felt that the legal action to prevent his name change violated the Constitution.

The court must now decide to 14:00, in another decision on the request for emergency ban on the UMP to use the name Republicans as a judge did will not rule on the merits the file.

Four parties or associations left and 143 individuals have launched this action urgently to prevent the UMP to become Republicans, name desired by the party president Nicolas Sarkozy and which must be endorsed by a vote activists on Thursday and Friday and Saturday during a refounding congress. At the hearing Friday, the UMP’s lawyers had challenged the legality of the action, filing a QPC, including the ground that the procedure would breach Article 4 of the Basic Law which provides that political parties “are formed and carry out their activities freely. “

But the magistrates of the Court of First Instance refused to transmit the QPC for consideration at the Supreme Court, arguing in particular that the party did not” explain how these provisions would infringement of his freedom of action. ” “This is a critical first step,” simply commented Christophe Lèguevaques, one of the applicants’ lawyers.

Whatever the decision, the game will be far from over. The right-wing party, the CEO Frédéric Péchenard denounced “a shameful political stunt”, will appeal a possible ban

” “The Republicans”: the legality of the name to justice


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