Monday, May 25, 2015

The “room shoot” Paris will be installed at the Lariboisière hospital – Europe1

Europe 1

The hospital Lariboisière © AFP
Europe 1

They have been successful. Residents associations protesting for months against the installation of the first shot area on Boulevard de la Chapelle in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. It will eventually be installed on the grounds of the Lariboisière hospital, also located there in the 10th arrondissement, in Le Monde .

A discreet access. This is Jomier Bernard, the Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of health, who announced to the world that change of address. At issue: the proximity of a nearby migrant camp there who would not have created satisfactory reception conditions

The aedile also expressed concerns about “trivializing the device” in order. ‘to “broaden political support.” If the exact location within the Lariboisière hospital is not yet determined, one thing is clear: access to the room will shoot discreetly by a “separate entrance leading to an enclave within the “hospital in the words of Remi Feraud, PS mayor of the 10th arrondissement, interviewed by the daily evening.

Bordeaux and Strasbourg as well. Two other cities also approached to accommodate these shooting galleries: Bordeaux and Strasbourg. But nothing is decided yet and we do not even know the date date of opening of the Paris room. The National Assembly voted in favor of the health bill that allows the testing of these rooms for six years. The Senate will vote on this issue only in September.

The shoot rooms, which continue to have fervent opponents, should reduce the risk of infection and contamination, but also to limit overdoses of the drug.


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