Friday, May 29, 2015

The PS is projected into the post-congress – Le Figaro

The socialist activists voted on Thursday to elect their first secretary for the congress of Poitiers. Jean-Christophe Cambadélis and slingers have already turned to the future.

The outcome of the vote was little doubt. Thursday evening, from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the 131,000 active members Socialists were called to vote for the first party secretary. Building on 60% of its motion obtained a week earlier, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis was the big favorite for a vote without issue. The first outgoing secretary faced the deputy of the Nievre, Christian Paul. His motion “Left to Win” was realized 29% below expectations.

Despite their defeat at the polls, the leaders of the motion B want to be positive. “The motion A is arithmetically won the conference but the motion B who won culturally” gargled the member Indre-et-Loire Laurent Baumel Wednesday night at a meeting of supporters of Christian Paul in Paris. “In this vote, there are reasons for hope. Our ideas are deployed in the Socialist Party “has welcomed his side the deputy of the Nievre. “We must be proud of our results,” she also felt Marie-Noëlle Lienemann, one of the leaders of the motion of Senator B. Paris, 60% of the motion of “Camba” can not be a “blank check” to the government and the PS.

“The motion A is arithmetically won the conference but the motion B who won culturally”

slingers also intend to remain vigilant on the post-congress Poitiers. Wednesday evening, Christian Paul was again repeated: it is now the PS, not only in Parliament, that the battle will continue. “The main forum for political debate must be the PS, no renunciation,” the MP said. “There will be ideas majorities. And there, the PS, not 49-3, “he wants to believe. While he called Friday, May 23 to “turn the page of parliamentary revolt”, the first signatory of the motion B warned: “We are not returned for one second in line.” “We have not dropped anything and we do not let go, “has also launched Laurent Baumel. “To those who believe that the congress closes, completes and finishes a word, conviction, strength and courage, we regret to deny it, it’s just the beginning,” said the deputy of the Yvelines Benedict Hamon.

Those responsible for the motion B already have their road map for the next two years. It has a name: “Next Left”. Wednesday evening, Christian Paul explained this concept. “The next left is now that we must invent it. She will face ecosocialism because it is the sense that make most of the major transformations underway, “he said. “The next left is a strong public power, which builds and regulates,” he continued. For Christian Paul, “the next left will be a response to the National Democratic failure” and will also “a credible alternative to social-liberal temptation.”

Before you strike the iron inside the PS Socialists will meet in Poitiers from June 5 to 7 A congress over with only a symbolic function which several officials fear it is uninteresting. “Some want to trivialize it. Make a sightseeing tour, “laments Christian Paul. “For us to give him relief and density, to make it a forum to talk to France and talk about France,” exhorts the first signatory of the motion B. The three-day schedule has been stalled by the First Secretary Jean-Christope Cambadelis, which will conclude Sunday.

Establishing “a reform agenda for 2017 is not political disaster foretold”.

Friday, June 5, the official results of the votes of 21 and 28 May will be announced. The day will be dedicated to Europe and in particular the mandate of the French delegation in the European Socialist Party, attended by President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz. The next day, the Socialists will work to “an address to the French” to open their convention outward. “Talking to French, yes, but it must also apply to the government resulting from our ranks,” replied Christian Paul. The latter wants to introduce “a reform agenda for 2017 is not political disaster foretold”.

Saturday afternoon, the Prime Minister Manuel Valls will address the Socialist leaders and militants. At least, those who have made the trip.


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