Thursday, May 28, 2015

Two drunk policemen cause a fatal accident in the center … – The World

Boulevard de Sebastopol in Paris, where two drunk police caused a fatal accident on 28 May in the morning.

Two officers of the judicial police of the Seine-Saint-Denis, who then drove they were clearly alcoholic, have killed the driver of a van they struck, Thursday, May 28 in the morning, in the center of Paris. The policemen, one of whom was on duty at the material from a Police sources were riding an unmarked car.

A judicial source said on Thursday late afternoon, the officer at the wheel at the time of the accident had a blood alcohol concentration of 2 , 13 g of alcohol per liter of blood. He was placed in custody while his colleague, who was in the passenger seat, was heard as a witness.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the two officers, a lieutenant and a sergeant , returning from a nightclub 8 th arrondissement of Paris, where was organized the traditional annual party of another service of the PJ.

Going up the Boulevard de Sebastopol burning red lights at high speed, according to the images from CCTV cameras in the possession of investigators, they hit 15 to 4 pm a van delivering bread. The driver, a 40 year old man, was killed, thrown from his vehicle under the violence of the shock.

The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, announced in a statement that the two officers were “immediately suspended” , “pending the conclusions of ongoing investigations” . “If the criminal investigation confirmed the initial findings and reveals wrongful and unacceptable police behavior, they will be subject to disciplinary action of great severity, including criminal prosecution” , still assured Mr. Cazeneuve.

The general inspectorate of the national police was seized of the investigation, as well as the judicial processing service crashes.


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