Monday, May 25, 2015

UMP: the Congress of the transformation – Le Figaro

New name, new team, new statutes, Sarkozy wants to gather “the family” around him.

Mission accomplished ! Six months almost to the day after his election to the presidency of the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy will present Saturday attended a party, renamed with a set of rules accepted by all for the presidential 2017. Alain Juppe Francois Fillon and Bruno Mayor will be present, but probably not at the party.

The staging of the congress, to be held from 10:30 hours to 16 hours in Paris Events Center at the Porte de la Villette, designed as a show of force found the right. Facing a battered PS with its claimed 131,000 members – of which only 65,432 have participated in the vote motions last week – the UMP brandished numbers rising steadily: after the party treasurer, Daniel Fasquelle the 213,000 activists update contribution to 31 December 2014 will be 300,000 on 31 December 2015 if the pace is unwavering. “At last count, there are three weeks, we had 36% of the annual target. We are more than 120,000 activists, “he said. There are about ten days, a “first founder member” campaign was launched to encourage members of future Republicans donate. “It has already grossed more than 700,000 euros,” says the treasurer.

At the Villette Saturday, the congress will host “only” 20,000 participants, through a tent equipped with giant screens contiguous to the room. The allocation for the conference amounts to 550,000 euros, according to Daniel Fasquelle, “450,000 euros initially planned over 100,000 euros saved thanks to the probable postponement of the National Council was expected in September, internal elections taking place in January. “A straw, compared to almost € 7 million the Bourget conference celebrating the first Nicolas Sarkozy’s election as head of the UMP, in November 2004. The secret of” sobriety, “the word Fasquelle favorite? “Our teams have booked the room directly and providers, through competition and without going through an intermediate type Bygmalion.”

No “friendly lunch”, but food trucks, the trucks sell the takeaways for militants who have forgotten to bring their sandwich. There will also no lunch break, the program does not allow it: whatever the UMP presidential account, new talents and glorious old must speak at the podium or from the room. Couples facilitators will succeed every hour. Have already been selected MPs Thierry Solère and Gerald Darmanin, Valerie Debord, National Secretary for the Family, and Brigitte Barèges, mayor of Montauban.

Because Nicolas Sarkozy also wanted to make this conference a ” Family gathering “, Charles Pasqua will speak and Bernadette Chirac, unless she comes Morocco time to be physically present, send a message of support. There will be no exchange with the room, but a “social wall” will display a selection of the responses to militant demands on the UMP bombarded them in recent weeks via social networks. That’s what organizers call “interactive dimension” of the conference.

The real time expression of members will take place during the vote. Between Thursday 8 am, and Friday, 18 hours, they will approve or reject the new name, “The Republicans’ new statutes and composition of the Politburo. They should respond with a massive “yes” to the last two questions, the statutes and the management team have already been approved by the leaders of the UMP. So that nobody feels aggrieved by a method inaugurated at the time by Jean-Francois Cope, Nicolas Sarkozy has added a list of “guests” permanent political office, bringing its workforce to 120 members.

The Republicans should also be adopted, even if it is at least a large majority. The name change has never raised enthusiasm among militants, committed to their banner. Nicolas Sarkozy had tried to explain during the internal campaign “brand” was “damaged”, misunderstanding persisted to the database: why should pay for the depravity of its leaders? Seized by associations and personalities left the court hearing the application must give judgment on Tuesday. This legal battle if it ends well, will undoubtedly increase the popularity of the Republicans on the right.


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