Thursday, May 28, 2015

Motorist killed in Paris: two suspended policemen, one of them … – TF1

Two policemen suspected of killing a motorist during a traffic accident in central Paris in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. According to information from LCI, the drama took place at the 92, Boulevard de Sebastopol. Only one of the two officials, the driver, was placed in custody . This is still going on Thursday.

His colleague and his passenger was placed in a sobering because of its “alcoholic”, according to police sources. It will be placed in custody and as soon as he heard “will be state of being.”

According to the first elements of the investigation, the two officials were returning from a drunken night in a nightclub in the capital. They were out but aboard a car font trivialized. Going up the Boulevard Sebastopol burning red lights at high speed, according to CCTV cameras in possession of investigators, they struck at 4:15 a truck delivering bread. . The driver, aged 40, was thrown from his vehicle under the violence of the shock and died

According to the information of LCI, two violations were identified: excessive speed, and more red lights. The two police officers were subjected to blood tests. . The results are not yet known

On Twitter, a witness has published a photo showing the violence of the shock:

Cazeneuve promises firmness

In one statement, Bernard Cazeneuve confirmed the accident and ensures that if the judicial investigation “reveals faulty and unacceptable police behavior “, they” will be subject to disciplinary sanctions of great severity. ” The General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN), “police police”, was seized of the administrative investigation.

The interior minister said the two officials were “immediately suspended “pending the results of the investigation. One was a lieutenant and one sergeant stationed at the judicial police Seine-Saint-Denis.


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