Saturday, May 23, 2015

Daniel Cohn-Bendit is now French – TF1

He had expressed his wish to have dual German and French citizenship in March. This is now done. Daniel Cohn-Bendit is now French. The information reported by the Associated Press, was confirmed by his brother Gabriel at the site Paris . “He told me, it’s done Now I am myself. I am French, German and European He is happy.”, He explained. “In Germany I was the French the Germans in France the most German of French,” said the principal party. Also his dual nationality “suits my identity, my mindset,” he added.

Born in Montauban in April 1945 of Jewish parents, hidden in France because of Nazi persecution, Daniel Cohn-Bendit has remained stateless until 1959 before choosing German citizenship, to escape the French military service. On 21 May 1968, “Dany the Red” was the subject of a French territory expulsion decree from the Minister of the Interior for “disturbing public order” during the student protests which he was one iconic leaders. Ironically, Friday is the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve who called to announce the granting of French nationality.

“All the presidential candidates can rest easy!”

The leader of the student revolt of May 1968 was previously only holds a German passport, the fact of excluding a candidate in the presidential election in France, despite regular speculation about it. Former MEP aged 70 had chosen not to stand for European elections in 2014.

His new status on he will push to return to the front from the political scene? “Everyone has the right to dream about my future,” he declared in March. “I know lots of people are planning any political maneuver, but it’s not all in my head,” he has told AFP on Friday. “All the presidential candidates can rest easy!” was it fun. If he says his brother “does not intend to stand for election,” Gabriel argued that Daniel Cohn-Bendit “could participate in a potential primary of the entire left with the PS for the 2017 presidential election.” But “not to be a candidate.”


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