Friday, May 22, 2015

Congress PS: Cambadélis the motion gets more than 60% of votes –

An executive who hopes to have more leeway for the end of five years, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis assured of being elected First Secretary: Friday, May 22 those were the two lessons of the vote of socialist activists, consulted Thursday night for the first Step Congress of Poitiers.

The motion A of the first secretary of the PS will be “above 60%”, the motion B slingers and the left wing will collect between “28 and 30% and Motion D “will struggle to reach 10%,” said Friday morning AFP Christophe Borgel, Election Officer PS.

immediately analyzed by the executive result as a pledge to support its political line. “Anything that can bring stability, coherence and visibility is good for my efforts today for France,” commented François Holland since the European summit Riga.

“I salute the spirit of militant responsibility. We are gathered to continue to reform France, “tweeted midday Manuel Valls.

” This is a crisis vote “

Meanwhile, Jean -Christophe Cambadélis welcomed to have “now (…) stability for the Socialist Party, as saying on RMC and BFM TV that” it is a crisis to vote. “

The conclusions were very different from Christian Paul, who led the motion slingers and the left wing. For him, there is no question of guard down after Thursday’s vote and the member has stated his desire to reveal new “ideas majorities” to influence government policy.

for the member – who has denounced some “irregularities” in the voting – the text has “awakened the Socialist Party,” which “was in hibernation for three years,” with ideas that he said infused into all motions, including motion A.

The latter, signed by Manuel Valls and almost all of the government but also Martine Aubry, provides more inflection as a tax reform or a better use of billions of unused . Covenant of responsibility

“Reviving dialogue” left

Christian Paul rejected the idea of ​​a blank check for the executive: “I do not see in this Congress plebiscite ideas Prime minister, “he said on iTV.

The MP finally wished” to revive the dialogue with the whole of the left “as a prerequisite to face deadlines election to come.

Left Front, this prospect is perceived differently. “With the socialists who want, together we can build a new alternative draft choices left Holland-Valls.” # PS, “tweeted the PCF National Secretary Pierre Laurent.

But for the Left Party leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the “rebellious” PS should instead join him. “I (they) say, with 30% you will not change the PS, but with me you can still change the country.”

Karine Berger, whose motion came third (around 10%) agreed that Jean-Christophe Cambadélis had “legitimacy” to lead the party, a sign of clear support, while calling the first secretary and Christian Paul what they would do to ensure the gathering of the party before the deadlines 2017.

55% participation

The leaders of the motion A is welcomed the participation (around 55% of 131,000 activists “active”), “in the situation which is that of PS namely a convalescent party,” in the words of Christophe Borgel. An electorate that is not “satisfactory”, retorted the motion B

Another lesson Thursday’s vote. Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, who will face Christian Paul in a new vote, 28 May for the post of first secretary – both have confirmed their candidacy – is “insured” to remain at the head of the party, says Christophe Borgel. “The question is at what level.”

The Congress of Poitiers, from 5 to 7 June will endorse the results of the votes of 21 and 28 May. Jean-Christophe Cambadélis hope dubbing of socialist militants, who was propelled to the head of the party in 2014 after the “exfiltration” of his predecessor Harlem Désir to the government. And then having a PS in working order for 2017.

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