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In “Republicans”, the knives are sharpened as well as … – The Point

As soon renamed the UMP “Republicans”, competition starts over again for the nomination in the 2017 presidential Alain Juppe again booed by sarkozystes militants, having renewed his warnings on primary after very offensive speech of Nicolas Sarkozy.

A beautiful family photo …. and a few hiccups. All contenders for the Elysee in 2017, declared or not, spoke from the rostrum of Congress “refounding” of “Republicans” Saturday in Paris, Christian Estrosi to Xavier Bertrand, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet Bruno Le Maire, François Fillon and Nicolas Sarkozy Alain Juppe.

The former head of state, the great organizer of the sequence, has offered a forty-five minutes speech on the Republic but also against the left François Hollande and his “terrible mediocrity.”

“A vocabulary that is a little too up the heat, which attacks the people, it’s not my kind of beauty,” responded Alain Juppe Sunday , opposing its “consistent goal” to the “division of objectives” of the French who would be those of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Most importantly, Mr. Juppé but François Fillon, former prime minister like him have suffered boos and whistles among the estimated 10,000 attendees Porte de la Villette. Proof that the presidential competition will be tough despite this show of unity.

“For me, these whistles is the resurgence of the old party,” lamented Sunday Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet. “You can whistle all you want, from the time where there is a primary, it is the French who will decide,” he told the No.2 of the former UMP, the Sunday newspaper describes ” on the spot “as his freedom of speech” annoys “Mr Sarkozy

-. Juppé limited confidence in Sarkozy on primary –

Now accustomed to this treatment for particular within his own party, Alain Juppe quickly evacuated this new episode. However, the former prime minister launched a clear warning on the contours of the primary scheduled for autumn 2016 which condition their participation. He does not hesitate to say that it has limited confidence in Nicolas Sarkozy this organization.

“If it goes well, if the primary is transparent, if there is enough voters, if that is the primary right and center, I’ll play the game completely. ” But “if the match is the Republican primary between Sarkozy and Le Maire, it will not work” so it will be without him, he warned Sunday

Translation:. Camp Juppe wants guarantees he who fears being locked in a limited process with the only former UMP. “Now we get into the thick of things on the practical organization of the primary. And do not tell us that we do not deal with it because there are regional! We need an organizing committee, and very quickly, “summed to AFP one of the lieutenants of Mayor of Bordeaux, Benoist Appeared.

Without Alain Juppe,” it would not be primary, “” it would be a disaster for everyone, “warned Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet.

Meanwhile, the person said he was” determined to win “and confident of winning. “Nicolas Sarkozy has the advantage. I, for now, I have the opinion, and I organize my small SMEs. Sometimes it happens that performing SMEs are more effective than large companies in the CAC 40″, slipped Mr Juppe who, having “nothing to hide”, said he had already collected some 600,000 euros in donations to campaign

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