Saturday, May 30, 2015

“The call of May 29,” or the Valmy Nicolas Sarkozy – Liberation

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Let’s call the “Call of May 29″ since it is undeniable, something its glorious elder on June 18

The same simplicity, the same drama that will escape the sincere patriots. We believe it printed on a slightly yellowed paper, in a context of tricolor beautifully. No fuss, no fancy typography is rustic, like that of a clandestine printing

In this address very fat, very simple but so strong that we discover this Saturday on our virtual walls. “Calling all Republicans of France.”

And, finally, the “Unite” exclamatory that irresistibly evokes the manifesto of Karl Marx. Note the striking similarity between the energetic signatures of General de Gaulle and Nicolas Sarkozy.

This is because the situation is serious and the country in great danger. It took at least that to announce this important event: a new party will be born in France. Not a party but a force, a movement as the country has ever known.

How not to think that other call, the call of the convention calling on all French to save the Republic. For reading this text flirting dangerously with the ridiculous, it is a new “mass uprising” that they are causing. This Saturday, the Villette will be the Valmy Nicolas Sarkozy. Remember, more prosaically, that this battle will be won if the party manages by 2017 to double the number of its members to date of contribution.

Who are all these “Republicans in France” called to to get up? Adherents of the refounded UMP, the party must be called Republicans (LR)? They are, explains Sarkozy, much more than that: they are “all who love the French Republic, the miracle by which so many men in the world who have fallen asleep subjects woke citizens” . We see that this is still a lot of people!

Further, the text becomes a little more explicit. The call is aimed more specifically at “those who suffer to see the Republic back every day,” “those who always choose the openness to the universal against the ‘communitarian confinement “. On this subject, Sarkozy was very clear. For him, the fall of the Republic begins where meals substitutions are served in school canteens.

The Republican is also the one who refuses to give to others the control over their own destiny. Suffice to say that for Sarkozy, Schengen is frankly not Republican

And then he will not “abandon war origins and memories”, “sense of destiny common. ” The Republican is not at all favorable to the history of the college programs, those who speak too of colonialism and slavery. It is not ready to accept a legalization of GPA, because he thinks that “the human person is not a commodity to be bought and sold.”

In summary, these Republicans were then perhaps “awakened citizen.” They will lie, for sure, ample sarkozystes.


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