Sunday, May 31, 2015

Alain Juppé. “Sarkozy has the advantage, I for now I have the opinion” – Ouest-France

He also addressed criticism thinly veiled Nicolas Sarkozy following the founding congress of the Party of Republicans (former UMP).

The whistles and boos that accompanied the former prime minister and to a lesser extent Francois Fillon on arrival at the podium in Paris on Saturday had damaged the image of unity that Nicolas wanted to return the party Sarkozy still marked by a war of fratricide leaders.

“Hysterical among militants”

“The militancy has its virtues, he also its risks: the risk of sectarianism, the risk of rejection of the other, the risk of imprisonment is a strong risk “ said Alain Juppe in issuing the” Great appointments Europe 1- iTELE-The World. ” “There are always some hysteria among activists. “

The former Prime Minister, who made the most serious rival figure of Nicolas Sarkozy for the presidential nomination right, had been heckled in February at the National Council of the UMP when he advocated union with the Centre. “I am not alone in this party that we must open up” , has he said Sunday. “The DNA of the UMP, it is the union of the right and center, I did not observe that the Republicans had given up DNA. If that were the case, I think it would be quite dangerous for the future “.

” I organize my small business “

In a thinly veiled reference to President Nicolas Sarkozy of Republicans, who denounced in particular “the terrifying spectacle of the family drama of Le Pen and the terrifying mediocrity of those who govern us” ( ), the mayor of Bordeaux has questioned the “tone of some discourse” which they felt was “somewhat strong, somewhat excessive” .

Reinforced by several polls that give the winner against Nicolas Sarkozy during the primary in November 2016 will nominate the candidate of the right and center at the 2017 election, Alain Juppe put forward its weight in the opinion. “Nicolas Sarkozy has left, I for now I have the opinion” , has he said. “I organize my small SMEs, sometimes it happens that performing SMEs are more effective than large CAC 40 companies” .


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