Monday, May 25, 2015

Eudoxie Baboul, 113 years old, is the oldest French – TF1

Eudoxie Baboul was born September 30, 1901 in Savannah Brigandin Sinnamary, French Guiana. She is 113 years old and 8 months and lives with his grand-son, Professor of vocational school. “I was slash” blows Eudoxie Baboul, in memory of his work as a farmer. Eudoxie Baboul became the doyenne of French since the death on May 12, Olympus Amaury to Amilly, in Loiret, in a little less than 114 years.

“All her life she worked, she was also a farmer and seamstress,” said Joubert Baboul, his little son, who attributes “longevity” to quack, manioc, very consumed in Guyana. Eudoxie Baboul lived up to its 109 years, only at his home in Sinnamary before being hosted by his grand-son in Matoury.

Five generations coming after her. She is seventeen grandchildren. His great-son-great-great-great is six years old. Her two daughters died there thirty. Eudoxie Baboul has never been married.

For much of her life, she welcomed children home. It offered them room and board from Monday to Friday, so that, although living in remote hamlets, they may take courses at the school of the village of Sinnamary.

Apart from two visits per day for daily care, the doyenne of French does not receive hospital care but remains almost entirely bedridden. “It is happiness to have it at home,” says his son toddler who is the only one able to converse a little with it. He explains that “for fifteen years, she asked the Lord to take it again.”


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