Friday, May 29, 2015

Bilger: “The UMP renamed Republicans, what does that … – The Point

The UMP members voted Thursday from 8:00 until Friday 18 hour internet on the new name of their party, Republicans, its new statutes and the composition of its new political office. According to the UMP, 213,030 members to date of contribution to 31 December 2014 are invited to vote.

The name Republicans should be praised. According to the UMP, the seat in federations lifts on this issue is “very positive”. Nicolas Sarkozy, who chose the new UMP Christian name, sent early May a letter to members explaining: “In proposing to call Republicans, we want to show the will not sell anything face what on a daily basis weakens the Republic. The Republic too fell against multiple strains that are made to its principles. “

Philippe Bilger, senior judge and president of the Institute of the word, he will enough to “ripoliner” a party for the latter suddenly become perfect. According to him, such a name – Republicans – is full of symbols, probably too heavy to carry



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