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DIRECT – Follow the founding congress of “Republicans” – Le Figaro

From Porte de la Villette (Paris), the political Scan offers to follow founding congress of the new party which replaces the UMP. “The Republicans”

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Francois Fillon booed by militants

Former Prime Minister was whistled and booed by a section of the room when they came up to the podium to deliver his speech.


Standing ovation for Eric Woerth

Bleached this week by justice after having been cited in the case Bettencourt Eric Woerth Saturday had the right to a standing ovation from the audience. "Thank you for your strength, not doubting, thank you for your trust, thank you from the bottom of my heart," returned the deputy of Oise.

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Merkel's message

Angela Merkel, the German conservative chancellor sent a video message broadcast Porte de la Villette in which it welcomed "the collaboration between our two parties are continuing."

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"Down": Anaphora of Bruno Le Maire

Bruno Le Maire has come to the rostrum. "In 2017 we will end up with this socialist caste that supports, protects and is co-opts. In 2017, we will end up with sectarianism of the left. In 2017 we will end up with Francois Hollande," says the former minister under the applause of his young activists installed near the press square. "Against sectarianism of the left, we want to restore public spirit, against cronyism we want the sense of the public good and the common good," the deputy of the Eure.

Then, as an anaphora "Down fatalism, resignation was down from those who think they have tried everything against unemployment, while 30 years we try the same thing Down culture! the excuse for offenders! Down with the egalitarian dictatorship, which claims to fight inequality but aggravates that claims to help the weak, but locks them in social reproduction. Down the madness of fees, taxes and public expenditure ravaging France for 30 years! Down with the culture of rights without duties, low protection against squatters legitimate owners. Down with the bad conscience that gnaws our nation for decades! Down with the Inquisition replay of our national history! "

Bruno Le Maire prompt" young prancing by the desire to serve France "to take power. "Take it as you will never give!" Previously, the former cabinet director Dominique de Villepin at the Matignon commended the work of Jacques Chirac, who opposed the Iraq war in 2003.


Some whistles on arrival Juppé

The former prime minister, candidate for the primary, arrived at the door of the Villette for Congress Republicans. He enjoyed a sandwich with militants before entering the hall where speeches are held. Several activists were then booed the mayor of Bordeaux when others prefer applaud.


Jean-Francois Cope arrived

Jean-Francois Cope, the former president of the UMP in 2014 led to the resignation by Bygmalion case, arrived Saturday shortly after 13 hours at the congress of the Republicans. Whoever imposes a media silence since his resignation took time to greet the activists to come forward in the square of journalists to meet, without making a declaration.

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Xavier Bertrand against "the little phrase that will buzz"

The candidate of the right in regional elections in Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy welcomed Saturday's show "the smile of the militants". "The smile of the militants, it is more important than the smile of journalists," he said. "The smile of journalists" who hear "the little phrase that will buzz but that weakens us."

"If the desire is so strong criticism, there has to say on the PS and the FN", said the deputy mayor of Saint Quentin. "The PS who betrayed the French National Front and, worse than the others, which confuses political and family clan."


Gosselin "Now we are all Republicans"

The MP Philippe Gosselin, near Herve Mariton, voted against the new name UMP. But on Saturday he assures "I am a minority (...) but now we're all Republicans."

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Patrick Balkany this

Patrick Balkany, the deputy mayor of Levallois Perret arrived shortly 13 hours prior to the UMP congress. He took the time to take pictures with the young activists. And entrust the "It takes a great revival, we must be together." "The Republic has been tarnished by the left" denounces the currently elected accused by justice "tax fraud laundering".


Laurent Wauquiez ovation

The former Minister Laurent Wauquiez has just be cheered by these activists Porte de la Villette. The deputy mayor of Puy unrolled his Republican advocacy. "This is not the Republic of adapting to foreign is foreign to adapt," he started, supported by the applause. "It is time to return to the fundamentals of the Republic, assimilation and not communalism".

Laurent Wauquiez was particularly critical of the Justice Minister, Christiane Taubira: "Justice of the Republic is the firmness Place offenders is prison.". For the deputy mayor, "the Socialists have betrayed the values ​​of the Republic".

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and reform of the college was also criticized. As for Francois Hollande, he is accused by Laurent Wauquiez "to turn off the voice of France and let massacring Christians of the East."


Leroy (IDU) against "self-centeredness"

The MP UDI Herve Morin wants "long life to the Republican" while the party president, Jean-Christophe Lagarde, also sent a message to the new right training. Former Minister, Maurice Leroy (IDU) intervenes meanwhile from the podium, ahead of Nicolas Sarkozy: "Unfortunately with Mr. 'Moi' (the nickname given to Francois Hollande Nicolas Sarkozy, ed) our country is sailing without course, without method and therefore without result. "

"Beyond the divisions, hold high responsibility and a vision of the state, is still based on the principles of our Republic, that's the future we propose to build together with my friend Hervé Morin address you with the 'Builders of IDUs' our warm and friendly hello, "joked Maurice Leroy.

"Against egocentrism"

He wants "unity," which "is not uniformity." The member wants the UDI participates in the primary to be organized by the Republicans in 2016. Similarly, he invited Senator Chantal Jouanno to ally with Valérie Pécresse in the first round of regional elections in Île-de-France.

"Of course, some centrists jump in their chairs like a kid saying Independence, Independence." To those, I say that centrism is not selfishness. "

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Nicolas Sarkozy has arrived

The former president arrived at the podium with applause. But it expresses is only 15 hours.

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"Marine Le Pen and New York starlets"

The group's boss "Republicans" in the Senate, Bruno Retailleau, takes the floor to castigate Marine Le Pen. "It's Jean-Luc Mélenchon without the International," says the senator denounces the "old leftist ideas" of the president of the National Front. "She can go to New York to Time evening with starlets and rappers will not change anything," proclaimed the chosen one.

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Intervention of the navigator Maud Fontenoy

Near Nicolas Sarkozy, the navigator Maud Fontenoy has just spoken to activists. "It can be a fisherman looter without being (...) There is no one side the good guys who talk to the trees and the other villains who live in cities," says sports who wants s engage Republicans in the name of ecology "moderate and realistic."

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C. Saint Etienne joined "The Republicans"

The economist Christian Saint Etienne previously inset with IDU, joined "The Republicans". He announced Saturday at the tribune of the founding congress: "If I decide to join you this is because I recognize myself in the values ​​recently expressed by Nicolas Sarkozy." "Long live the Republicans and vive la France," he says at the end of his speech.

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Claude Allegre: "long live the Republicans"

A message from the former Socialist minister Claude Allegre is read. He wants a "long life to the Republicans."

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Activists approve the new name

Activists validate "Republicans", the new name of the UMP to 83.28%. The score is displayed on the screen.

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Payment of compulsory contributions for elected

"An elected that will not update its contributions may not sit in our bodies," says Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, head of the Paris right. Adding, "And I see that the treasurer gives a thumbs up." One point, she said, that was "praised" in the questionnaire sent to activists. Rachida Dati, also elected in Paris, whose relations with NKM are stormy, and assumes not to be current on its contributions is prevented.

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Pécresse and the World Cup 98

"And, municipal, departmental and two regional and three" fun Valérie Pécresse, the candidate with the Île-de-France region parodying the slogan of the French supporters of the World Cup Soccer 1998. "If the regions are switched, it is France that will switch," the former minister under applause.

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Bruno Le Maire to meet activists

While Guillaume Peltier (high right) is in the gallery and that activists chanted the name of Nicolas Sarkozy Bruno Le Maire takes a little walkabout and signing his book. His supporters also chanted them the name of their champion. But he does not want to see a game, "It is not a question of numbers of applause We need to be together, that's all that matters to me." Said the former minister

Tristan Quinault Maupoil

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" You do not change with a name "

The former Minister Christian Estrosi, now deputy mayor of Nice assures: "we do not change with a name, but a name change helps us." This former filloniste said he wanted "to end the time of the clans."

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A congress "low-cost"

Daniel Fasquelle, the deputy mayor of Le Touquet and treasurer of the new formation speaks and promises " the cheapest congress of the Fifth Republic ". It should cost between 500,000 and 550,000 euros.

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Hello and welcome to live the political Figaro Scan from the Gate La Villette in Paris. All day, we suggest you follow the convention "Republicans", the new party to replace the UMP. Tweets, photos and videos our live feed.

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