Sunday, May 31, 2015

He shoots “randomly” at passers: one dead and two seriously injured … – TF1

The alleged shooter was carrying a gun with a caliber 9 mm and it would randomly. A man drunk opened fire in the street Saturday night in Woippy near Metz One dead and two seriously injured bystanders. The incident occurred around 22h on a street in a sensitive area of ​​the city, said a police source confirming the information Républicain Lorrain .

It is presented as “a crazed gunman while intoxicated” by the police source, who said that he fired several shots. The man was soon arrested just after being subdued with a taser gun by police officers on patrol in the area.

A young woman of 25 died on the spot while that another victim, a man in his thirties with a bullet in the head, was between life and death. Evacuated by relief, his prognosis was engaged. According to preliminary hearings of witnesses, the two persons belonged to the same family. A third victim was seriously injured: it would be a man in his twenties, reached by a bullet in the abdomen. And a fourth person, a man of sixty, was more lightly injured, according to police.

He strolled with his weapon

According to witnesses, the perpetrator was seen in the evening strolling down the street with his weapon, before he began shooting at passers present in the street, apparently “random”. The young woman who died was killed in front of his building, while the sexagenarian was slightly injured while repairing a car, according to the first elements of the investigation.

The author hits fire, injured in the police action, was rushed to hospital for treatment and later will be placed in police custody to be heard.

The police were not able to specify the immediate causes and the motive for the alleged gunman. The investigators proceeded in the night from Saturday to Sunday at the hearing of witnesses gunshots, no further details immediately.


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