Sunday, May 31, 2015

Republicans launch the battle of alternation – Le Figaro

Reinforced by the congress of the new party, Nicolas Sarkozy is preparing a reshuffle of management teams and ambition displayed as a “Republic of confidence.”

” This day is a day of rebirth …, “commented Nicolas Sarkozy at the end of the Congress of Republicans. A renaissance to forget the mistakes of a party felled by the scandal of Bygmalion case and the 2012 crisis A renaissance for the reconquest of power in 2017 he has assumed by strongly denouncing the government and proposing to rebuild in the country confidence in politics that no longer exists, “in any part of society.” But a still fragile revival, despite its recent electoral victories.

In this Saturday spring, Congress of Republicans still showed yesterday a convalescent movement. The room was not as packed as expected. “We could have had more people, but it was a Saturday, and everyone paid cash its place,” observes a close Sarkozy, about 10 000 to 12 000 people present – 17,000 according to organizers . “We look forward to hearing the crowd in Poitiers PS Congress next week,” said one adviser Nicolas Sarkozy already glad of mobilization.

Without a doubt, the launch of the Republicans will was less spectacular than Sarkozy’s enthronement congress president of the UMP in November 2004. It was then celebrated in Sarkozy providential man. This time, the Congress was supposed to be that of a collective. Participants are loaned to exercise for five hours in the floating attention of a very marked right room, which has cheered the speech of a particularly pugnacious Laurent Wauquiez in the stigmatization of “foreigners”. François Fillon, freshly greeted by whistles, has “managed to return the room”, recognizes a relative of Sarkozy, “but Juppé left her indifferent,” and made a speech “shifted, as if before a school trade “.

” Sectarianism, it’s not us “

boos, considered an inevitable by folklore entourage of Nicolas Sarkozy, have nevertheless clearly shown that the staging image and unity for which the former head of the state tirelessly since his election as head of the party will be more and more difficult to hold, as its own militants seem determined not to play the game. On Saturday, it’s not on stage, but in the room we felt rising competition which announce very rough for the primary in November 2016 . The exasperation of Nicolas Sarkozy with regard to Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet already indicates that the organizational transition that had been set there six months will probably not be left as is. On the plateau of France 2 on Sunday night, the boss of the Republicans, “regretted the few whistles” and he stressed his determination not to “play the game of the division” before entering the primary campaign after the summer 2016. With the re-founding of the new party, we have “laid the foundations of alternating tomorrow,” he added.

The exasperation of Nicolas Sarkozy with regard to NKM already indicates that the organizational transition will probably not be left as it is

The speech of Nicolas Sarkozy nevertheless set an ambitious goal, that of a “Republic of confidence.” “When trust is lacking, everything collapses, and we are not so far from the collapse,” he insisted. “This distrust should challenge us, we must be careful in what we promise tomorrow to be sure that we will hold tomorrow,” he admitted, aware that she is also for him, who has been in power Supreme over five years. “The Republic of confidence, it’s a nice slogan, but that confidence will not come back if they promise too much. At over-promise, it creates distrust, “warns Hervé Mariton, recalling that Nicolas Sarkozy’s slogan in 2007 was” Everything is possible “.

The new head of the Republicans has also used to play its role as opponent. “He was elected head of the party to cleave, not to be consensual,” warns one of his advisers, who remembers “what was said on the Socialist Party Nicolas Sarkozy when he was in power.” The former head of state said little about the National Front and many left. But he would not take the tone of humor to denigrate. He has appointed Francois Hollande once, and he also denounced “the terrifying mediocrity.”

In this systematic indictment, Sarkozy spoke out against the “socialist pretension to a monopoly of the Republic. ” “Sectarianism, not us!”, He has proclaimed, referring also to judicial cases against him and stating that in “the Republic is not trying to win in the courts that we lost to the people! “. And finally, the man of the day, to be reconciled to everyone, has been Éric Woerth, who has had a number ovations after being shut in the Bettencourt affair.


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