Tuesday, May 26, 2015

“The Republicans” pass the judicial cap – Press Centre

Released Tuesday by the Paris court, the new name of the UMP must now be approved by the militants during an electronic vote.

The High Court of Paris, lodged an urgent application, said Tuesday that the “manifestly unlawful” and ” imminent harm “ raised by the complainants to prohibit the use of” Republicans “by the UMP were not demonstrated.

For the Court, which referred the case to a possible referral to a trial court, the arguments exchanged “In the public debate” and the complainants do not show “direct personal disorder” .


judicial unfinished

Before the announcement of the judgment, the president of the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy, had called the procedure “implausible” . “We are still in a country where the left trying to fix the name of the opposition party. This is particularly the federation of elected socialists who made the appeal to Justice “, has he said.
Meanwhile, Christophe Lèguevaques, one of the applicants’ lawyers, said that “we’ll probably call” . He felt that such a procedure, which should not be examined until Saturday, would include establishing the “personal and direct harm” of the complainants and he reiterated the intention to initiate a legal action on the merits. “The Republicans, they are all French and no party whatsoever has the right to appropriate” , he insisted.
For Daniel Fasquelle , treasurer of the UMP, “it is not to exclude anyone and tomorrow, those who are not members of our movement will consider Republicans’ .
Between and possible appeal proceedings on the merits, the game is far from over. But a judicial more “will intervene anyway in a year, year and a half at best” , notes with satisfaction M Rémi-Pierre Drai, a UMP lawyers.
Activists will vote Thursday and Friday on the new name, which could be endorsed on Saturday 30 May, date of the congress of the UMP.


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