Friday, May 27, 2016

A soldier was attacked with knives in Tarn – Le Figaro

A member of the 8th Regiment of Marine Infantry Parachute (Prima) Castres was assaulted at knife Thursday night by two men. Seriously injured, the man was hospitalized.

Two men reportedly attacked a military with knives while training outside of service while wearing a military uniform, in Saint-Julien-du-Puy in the Tarn, according to information from Europe 1. the staff sergeant who is part of the 8th Castres Parachute regiment have received two shots cutter . He says he was targeted by two men who allegedly criticized the intervention of French armed forces in Syria before hitting him. Investigators, however, remain cautious about the testimony of the military that is adversely experienced police, the radio reported. His criminal record contains several sentences, some of which related to narcotics business, the source said.

These are bystanders who alerted the emergency services after discovering human blood. The victim was hospitalized but his prognosis is not engaged. The attackers are actively sought and an investigation was opened to determine if it really is an anti-military action or if the man trying to hide a settling of accounts.


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