Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Socialists divided over Article 2 of the Labour Bill – The World

Stéphane Le Foll, on May 12 in the  Assembly.

Stéphane Le Foll, spokesman for the government said Wednesday, May 25 that ” there is no going back “ on Article 2 of the Labour Bill, which concerns the relationship between sectoral and company level agreements. In any case, “is not intended to review the principles” section 2. A declaration which comes shortly after opposing positions of two socialist elected.

the President of the PS group in the Assembly, Bruno Le Roux, the issue Wednesday called “Info Questions LCP – France Info – World – AFP,” has thus shown favorable to an evolution of the relationship between sectoral and company level agreements, under Article 2 of the draft labor law. Le Roux said he hopes to see if “a possibility that the branch gives notice priori” and not post on the company agreement, “what is asked by many unions. “

” No reversal of the philosophy of the text “(Bruno Le Roux)

asked later by press after the statements of Stéphane Le Foll, Bruno Le Roux has clarified its position:

“I am not to review the principles of Article 2, for us, it n ‘there is no news to the withdrawal of the text, the CGT is isolated in calling for the withdrawal of the text, there will be no reversal of the philosophy of the text. Simply, there are debates that have not been closed in first reading. I do not know if they will lead, but they need to continue living and especially [regarding] the relationship between the company agreement and sectoral agreements and the issue of overtime rates, which is a subject that worries the French. “

” When I say this, not to return to the philosophy of Article 2 is to complete it, “he insisted, saying the debate Parliamentary “must exist”

the Socialist Senator Frédérique Espagnac, former press secretary François Hollande when he was first secretary of the party, also called for a new text. “We must rewrite the article 2 of the labor law is essential. “

But for Stéphane Le Foll, an amendment to Article 2 would not be enough to settle the dispute. ” It is not that asks the CGT “, has he argues, the union asking for the outright withdrawal of the law. A debate that should not fail to animate the questions to the government this afternoon

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