Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sarkozy on TF1: “What is happening in Austria can happen in France” – Le Parisien

“What is happening in Austria can happen in France,” said the party chairman Republicans by referring to the possibility of a far-right candidate to win the presidency. Sunday evening, Norbert Hofer to the far right FPÖ had a small advantage over the ecologist Alexander Van der Bellen (51.9% against 48.1%) after the counting of the only ballots cast at the polls. But it remained to count some 900,000 postal votes, an unusually high figure for a country of 6.4 million voters, the results should be published on Monday.

“Whatever happens in Austria, it refers to the situation of our country when the left and right do not wrestle when they are alike, when there is more than right and when there are no more left, well, extreme benefit “, developed Nicolas Sarkozy. before lament: “For years in our country, we could not talk about immigration without being called a racist, we could not talk about Islam without being treated Islamophobic, we could not the slightest reservation about Europe without being treated with anti-European “.

Four proposals against social unrest

 Returning to the challenge Labour Bill, the multiplication of events and incidents or violence resulting therefrom, the former head of state has made it clear that he was there as a “responsible opposition” . “The place of the Republic is occupied we wonder why,” asked Sarkozy, about the citizen movement standing Night occupying the Paris market since April 1. Before moving. “First I propose the restoration of the minimum sentence for anyone infringing a representative of the Republic.” Then ask that this be reported event organizers who assume liability, and therefore financial, of the damage when celles- these degenerate. “There is no reason taxpayers who pay,” insists the party president Republicans

Third proposition of Nicolas Sarkozy. Preventive prohibition of “thugs and recognized that you know, like we did with hooligans “Finally, the fourth of its solutions to the social crisis. the immediate dissolution” of these ultra-left groups. ” And to quote the collective “Silence police murders” (sic, the collective struggle against police violence is called actually Urgence-our-font-murder) as a real “insult”.

Finally, when asked by Anne-Laure Coudray journalist on the similarity of social conflicts of today with those of 2010, during his own term in the Elysee Palace during the pension reform, the former head of state refuted the ‘argument. “Here it’s different. In 2010, I made the pension reform. I have not declined. But I refused the 49.3. François Hollande lied to French. People feel cheated. “


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