Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Refugees: Anne Hidalgo announces the opening of a humanitarian camp in Paris – Obs

The press conference, held on Tuesday 31 May at 15 hours at the Paris City Hall, promised a “strong ad” Anne Hidalgo on the refugee crisis: the mayor of Paris announced its intention to open a humanitarian refugee camp on a municipal site, with the help of associations, to offer “day care” but also “the accommodation of people arriving poor” in the capital.

“Today, Europe is not at the height of the humanitarian refugee crisis. Our country either,” she denounced. “ We will install a humanitarian camp to UN standards in Paris given the urgency of the situation.”

“Paris will not remain without acting responsibility as the Mediterranean becomes a graveyard for refugees, “she added.

The camp, which “build on what has been done is in Grande-Synthe” in the North, will respect the “regulatory requirements” and “those in refugee camps and migrants set by the UN and the UNHCR “(UN High Commissioner for refugees). This means modular accommodation, “which can be installed quickly” but with “every comfort”.

“I want the state to be a partner,” insisted Anne Hidalgo, accompanied for this conference Press the partner associations of the project, Emmaus France Terre d’Asile and Aurora. The idea is that “we no longer see these shameful camps” and that “people who arrive destitute are not forced to go under subways or on sites like the one we know to Aeolus” where a migrant camp recently restored in the north of Paris, she said.

20 settlements dismantled in a year

“We will be led in the coming days to communicate the place that will be chosen, “she said, adding that a period of” six weeks “for opening seemed” reasonable. ” “We have identified several sites, including the north of Paris, which belong to us.” The town hall is trying “to appraise different sites to see how quickly, as soon as possible, we will consider them available,” she said.

Why Northern paris? “We think we need to be close to where converge migrants and refugees,” said Anne Hidalgo. “We know that from the chains of departure of the migrants, indications are given to them about to Paris to join. ‘La Chapelle’ is a rallying word”

Aux Jardins Aeolus , 17 May 2016 (Matt Alexander / AFP)

for more than a year the capital is facing “unprecedented migratory flow” and p read 20 Parisian camps were dismantled. . Problem: every time another was reconstituted The latest on the edge of the gardens of Aeolus (18th and 19th districts) account at this time nearly 800 people who sleep on the ground. And “ with torrential rains falling on Paris in recent days , the camp is totally unhealthy,” denounces the Parisian collective support to the exiles. On 2 May, more than 1,600 migrants living in the skytrain Stalingrad nearby were evacuated from a previous slum.

“We have a duty of humanism “

” I hear here and there who will say ‘do it will not be a breath of fresh air?’. to those who have not understood, the air comes to major European cities, “defends Anne Hidalgo. “But I see that in other countries, notably Germany, very substantial resources have been implemented to accommodate in conditions worthy of hundreds of thousands of refugees. We must do the same by taking the measure of this flow migration that flows to Europe and in our cities. “

” what guides me, “concluded the mayor,” this is my city’s interest and I do not think we serve the interest of this city and its people by providing an image that is not ours, which does not correspond to what we are and our values. [...] We have a duty and humanism I do not want to look at myself in the mirror in 10 years, saying: ‘you were mayor of Paris and you were guilty of non-assistance to people in danger vis-à-vis these populations. “

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