Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Three men indicted for the sacking of a prayer room in Ajaccio in December – The World

The prayer room had been ransacked in  anti-Muslim and racist outbursts that accompanied  the protests that followed the attack firefighters  lured into an ambush in this popular neighborhood,  on Christmas Eve in Ajaccio.

Three men were indicted on Wednesday 25 May for the sacking of a Muslim prayer room in Ajaccio December 26, 2015, said prosecutors. They were released and placed under judicial control.

They were arrested Tuesday morning at Ajaccio and must reply degradation meeting of a building allocated to a cult. Two other men also arrested on Tuesday in Ajaccio, as part of this investigation, have been released without charge against them.

The three indicted are suspected of involvement in acts of vandalism in a small Muslim prayer room in the day of 26 December in the Saint John area. The metallic curtain holding prayer hall by a Moroccan association was forced, furniture had been overturned and a Koran had been burned by several men acting openly.

Firemen attacked

an oriental snack had also been adversely affected during a protest march of several hundred people in the aftermath of the assault fire in the neighboring gardens of the Emperor.

Eleven people, including two minors, were indicted in the investigation into the assault of firefighters and five of them were imprisoned. Firefighters had fallen into an ambush and two of them and a policeman were injured

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on 30 April, another prayer hall, located at the entrance of Ajaccio, in Mezzavia district was ravaged by fire “d probably criminal origin “ according to prosecutors.

An investigation was opened to degradation by fire and was entrusted to the judicial police and investigators to public safety.

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