Sunday, May 29, 2016

Thunderstorms: 4 departments placed in orange alert – Le Figaro

Strong thunderstorms with hail and strong winds are to be expected on a diagonal that runs from the Southwest to the borders of the east, through the Paris basin.

This weekend, a sharp deterioration stormy crosses France, South-west to the Languedoc, to the borders of the east, through the Paris basin. France is indeed the heart of a conflict of air masses: warm air rises from the Mediterranean and faces fresh air down the British Isles. In the day Sunday, only four departments remain orange alterte according to the Forecast Channel *: Loire-Atlantique, Maine-et-Loire, Deux-Sèvres and the Vendée

Today, strong thunderstorms and. hail might impact vegetation and up to 100 mm of rain could affect the Nantes region, Touraine and Anjou with a risk of flooding. The risk of strong winds is not ruled out that minority gusts up to 90 km / h can be recorded to the passage of the most intense storm cells in lower Rhone valley.

* the Weather Channel belongs to the group Le Figaro


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