Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sarkozy criticizes the ideologues of multiculturalism – Le Figaro

Guest Tuesday night at the symposium organized by “Proud France,” a right-wing think tank that wants to address the neighborhoods, the former president gave his definition of French identity.

“Just yesterday, say publicly that there was a French identity was seen as an unbearable provocation. Today, the pride of France’s flag. We can organize a symposium on this subject. We won a cultural struggle and major policy “began Nicolas Sarkozy, invited by the think-tank” Proud France “who spent Tuesday night a symposium on the French identity. In the basement of the Invalides, a few meters from Napoleon’s tomb, a hundred people, mostly from “diversity” was present to discuss the theme of French identity, including Nicolas Sarkozy had a horse battle in 2007 and 2012.

“France, it is a miracle, which each of us decided to believe. A millennium miracle, which could have ten times, a hundred times, be broken by history. A miracle that has made a beauty of life and freedom a reason to live. “Has it started. “What is the identity of France?” Asked the head of the Republicans: “They are his first landscapes, French language, cultural glue of our nation. It’s an epic story, glorious, tragic, whose story has built the nation, it is the accumulation of a heritage that goes from Mont Saint Michel in the Sainte Chapelle. We are not a blank page. “

A speech to the tones buissoniennes

Nicolas Sarkozy, who wished to recall its origins in” French Half-Blood “continued in a speech to buissoniennes tones, calling for the “cult of the transmission of identity”, particularly through the “school of the Republic.” “It is not necessary to have his name on a monument to mortx to vibrate the narrative of national identity. It is not necessary to be baptized to love Bossuet, Peguy, Bernanos, and Mauriac. It is not necessary to be Gaullist Malraux to love or love for Communist Aragon, is that national identity “, he stressed. “No ideologue can not understand that.”

“Deny this civilization is to opt out of the national community. France, it is not self-service. Assimilation is not a possibility, it is a condition for any long stay and any naturalization. “

lashing the” ideologues of multiculturalism “and” sociologists inequalities “, he described as” monumental error “having renounced assimilation. “Everything is missing,” he said. “The pride of living in France must find the way to school. Textbooks are not here to denigrate France. But to make it known and loved. In what country could accept that the school teaches anything other than pride? “” Refuse this civilization is to opt out of the national community, he said. France, it is not self-service. Assimilation is not a possibility, it is a condition for any long stay and any naturalization. “

The former president called for a” new assimilation pact ” . “I did not change. The addition of the differences is in the long time. “He put the side” recent French who love probably more than the others. “. In his speech of thirty minutes, he carefully avoided any reference to “secularism”.

Several personalities from “diversity” were invited to the symposium, including the historian Mohamed Mekada , former commissioner for diversity and equal opportunities Sabeg, or the imam of Bordeaux Tareq Oubrou. The mayor of the 7th arrondissemnt of Paris, Rachida Dati, opened the evening by recalling that his “election in this district is the illustration of this conference.”. She said she was personally “not in favor of assimilation” “A happy identity, I prefer the identity of belief,” she said. Among the policies, there were also the entrepreneur Charles Beigbeder, the deputy mayor of Versailles Francis Xavier Bellamy, Olivier Markeix MP and candidate in the primaries Hervé Mariton.

“It is the ISF , not RSA “

This evening was organized by the think-tank” Proud France “who told him” patriotic, liberal and secular. ” It was founded by Yassin Hayette Hamidi and Lamaoui in June 2015. “We want to be a space for reflection to offer empty concrete solutions to neighborhoods” like to to call back, the Le Figaro , Hayette Hamidi, now secretary national Republicans. This young 32 year old woman belongs to the movement from the Common Sense Manif for All. Elected Blanc-Mesnil Seine Saint-Denis and lawyer by training, this native of Drancy, daughter of Algerians and French girl aims to attract the Muslim electorate in the lap of the right. “For 30 years there has been a failure of the left who felt owner of a suburban electorate” Diagnostic you her. “The changeover took place during the 2014 Municipal Voters of neighborhoods discovered he was not left or on the societal or economic.” “The French identity is multicultural. You have to pass a strong French culture for a serene integration, “adds the one that was” lucky “to make educated in a Catholic institution that transmitted the” love of France. “
” France proud “is intended as decidedly liberal. As summarized Lamaoui Yassin, his vice president: “It is the ISF, not RSA”

This think tank claims 300 members, mostly local entrepreneurs or elected officials.. He did not choose to foal for primary or for the presidential, merely make proposals that everyone can take. The group, supported in its early stages by Alain Juppé, also met Jean-Francois Cope and would like to meet Emmanuel Macron.


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