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    A new day of mobilization against the labor law is scheduled for Thursday




    France began to dip into its strategic reserves




    Six of the eight refineries in the country were affected Wednesday




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1:23 p.m.: 8,000 demonstrators in Rennes according to the unions, ensures our journalist

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1:10 p.m.: Our reporter in Rennes follows the event

13h: Judgment of the strike at the ExxonMobil refinery in Port-Jérôme, near Le Havre

the strike which was launched Tuesday at the ExxonMobil refinery in Port-Jérôme (former Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon) near Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) has ceased, does said Thursday with management and the CGT. “We can say that the strike is over, there has been no general meeting at the clock in this morning,” said Didier Lutsen, spokesman for the direction of the second French refinery. From the beginning, the social movement has struggled to grow in the refinery where the CGT minority. Force Ouvrière, which had also called for the strike, withdrew the motion on Wednesday afternoon.

12:55: Trade unionist killed in Cherbourg, another seriously injured

a syndicalist CGT, left Front mayor of a small town in the English Channel, was killed Thursday at Cherbourg and another was seriously injured in a road accident in front of a closed site to strike, according to a police official. According to the first elements of the investigation, the two men were on a motorcycle when they were “struck by a car that was turned around to a waste” to strike closed. However, there was no dam or protest outside the site, the source said.

12:40 : One-fifth of French service stations still in trouble

About a fifth of some 11,500 service stations listed in France were still in partial or total disruption of supply Thursday according to the French Union petroleum industries (UFIP), which says, however, have found less influx of motorists to the pumps. “Motorists rushed to fill their tank – consumption was three to five times higher than normal demand. But as they do not consume immediately what fuel the phenomenon is about to settle, “said he said.

12:35: Hollande takes advantage

“it was said,” Manuel Valls, on Article 2, “is that it should have said, “has declared the head of state. In other words, the president also reframes Michel Sapin, his finance minister, who had estimated earlier that “he had perhaps touch to this article,” just reverse the hierarchy in enabling the company negotiate for its employees on less favorable terms than those proposed by the industry and by law.

12:21: Small point … Marseille

… where thousands of protesters are still in front of the shopping center Les Terrasses du Port (2nd), says our reporter on the spot. The Inter chained words taken against the Labour law and police repression.

12:20: filtering Dam up to the Gravelines NPP

the 80 strikers agents of the Gravelines NPP (North), the most powerful in France, lifted by late morning the filter dam near the site. Traffic was restored around 11:30 in front of the plant, the CGT had “lifted the dam as agreed, to prepare for the event this afternoon at Dunkirk,” said Claude Levigne responsible CGT. The dam was installed Thursday morning around 7am

12h18. A “manifestation of democracy” according to the German Minister Schäuble

If Germany advised to fundamentally reform its labor market, “it also would create a stir,” said Thursday the Minister German Wolfgang Schäuble, saying that social movements in France were a “manifestation of democracy.” “France is well able to accommodate this type of conflict,” also felt the veteran Angela Merkel’s government and very francophile, who acted favorably view the Paris projects to liberalize the labor market.

12:12: Valls receive the players in the oil sector Saturday

Prime Minister Manuel Valls “players will receive the oil sector Saturday,” said Matignon, while five refineries are slow or stopped work to protest the law tell of the eight in the country . Matignon did not specify what exactly would the players around the table. The entourage of the Prime Minister had earlier said that his public meeting, scheduled for Saturday in Clermont-Ferrand, was postponed to June 9

12:08: Update on the situation in Marseille

in Marseille, dockers and railway workers of the CGT, opposed to the Labor law, are before the Terrasses du Port, in Joliette (2nd). The mall was closed and police have taken up between the demonstrators and the store entrance. The CGT trade unionists also blocked early this morning Bougainville a sorting center (15th) and occupied one time the site of the tower La Marseillaise (2nd). Protesters of the FO union have also blocked access to the tunnel Saint-Charles Boulevard of Athens (1), causing traffic jams in the city.

12:06: “No power supply problem,” says RTE

the strike voted in all 19 French EDF nuclear power plants did not lead Thursday in electricity supply problem in France, assured a spokesman for RTE, the national high-voltage network. “The production offers available in France via thermal, hydro, photovoltaic and wind in particular, but also because the nuclear power plants are not stopped, is sufficient to cover the electricity needs of the French” a- he said

12:04. Back to normal on the bridges of Normandy and Tancarville

After more than two hours of blocking, the Normandy bridge was released shortly before 8:30 am, the protesters leaving themselves without the intervention of security forces. A Tancarville further upstream, removing roadblocks took place an hour later, according to police. These two large bridges are major traffic arteries for the Normans and interregional traffic east-west. The blockades have caused “large traffic disruptions,” the source

12:02.: blocking two oil depots in Corsica

Corsica joined Thursday the national strike in oil installations against the Labour law, the blockade by the CGT deposits Ajaccio and Bastia fuels. From 8am, the two deposits of the island, Vazzio in Ajaccio and Bastia Lucciana near, are blocked by striking workers and activists of the CGT that prevent tankers to source. Dozens of trucks were waiting along the roads leading to these deposits can fill their tanks.

12 : SOUTH RATP calls indefinite strike from June 10, at the opening of the Euro-2016

SOUTH RATP calls indefinite strike from June 10 opening date for the Euro football for wages, against the Labour law and the questioning of their status. CGT union strength first, announced Monday a similar movement from June 2 to request the reopening of wage negotiations and the withdrawal Labour Bill. SOUTH intends to increase the pressure “due to the obstinacy of the government” on labor reform, said Franck Barrault, central delegate.

11.30: a person injured three others shocked in Vitrolles

We were discussing the possibility of three other people injured in Vitrolles, but there although an “only” hurt a woman, suffering leg and evacuated to hospital. Our reporter Amandine Rancoule explains that “three other people, including a child, who were in a car struck by the truck, were shocked. They are free. ” According to La Provence , the trailer driver was arrested.

11:20: a driver power dam in Vitrolles

Vitrolles, a tractor-trailer driver this morning forced the entrance of the Griffon area where CGT of protesters opposed to the Labour law, have compiled filter dams to distribute leaflets, tells us our reporter Amandine Rancoule.

According to the union, a woman was injured in the leg. She was supported by firefighters and evacuated to a hospital. It would also damage. There may be other people injured including the driver – a source evokes three minor injuries. We keep you informed

11 am. The media owners complain of a requirement “outrageous” the CGT

national dailies officials Thursday denounced a requirement “outrageous” the CGT Book which prevented the release of their Thursday headlines after refusing to publish a tribune . Philippe Martinez, head of the CGT

10:40: in Nantes, it’s always a mess around the airport

as we announced dansnotre post 7:25, Nantes airport is blocked by activists and the situation is not improving as we describe our journalists on site in this article.

10:16: Power cuts begin in the country

the CGT Energie has just confirmed to RMC several power outages in the country, especially in Yvelines, in Essonne, in Seine-et-Marne, in the MIN of Lille, etc.

10:12: In Rennes, the traffic is extremely disturbed

We announced in our post 7:23: the bus depot is blocked. Consequently, the traffic is very disturbed in the Breton capital. Some lines, including major bonds are downright stopped. The metro runs, it normally. Our journalists on site an update on the situation here. Moreover, the prefect has limited fuel restrictions in the West, while urging motorists to “responsibility”. What exactly is it? You are told everything by it

10:10. Six French in ten feel the movement against labor law “justified”

Six in ten French (62%) feel the movement against labor law “justified”, according to an Ifop poll for RTL realized after the start of blockages refineries and fuel depots and Thursday. 34% considered it “entirely justified” and 28% “somewhat justified”.

This survey was conducted online among a sample of 1,265 adults (quota method) interviewed between 23 and 25 May, after the commencement of orchestrated blockades at refineries in France.

10:04: And even Valls reframes Fir live on RMC

“We will not touch Article 2″ Manuel Valls immediately reframed Thursday his finance minister Michel Sapin, who had raised the possibility of amending section most contested Labour Bill. On RMC, the Prime Minister was asked about the statement of the Minister, made only a few minutes earlier on LCP: “Michel Sapin, it is part of your government? It is close to François Hollande? (…) Do you know what he just said? “Maybe he should touch in Article 2 of the Labour Law. ‘” “We will not touch Article 2,” responded the Prime Minister

9:58.: Toulouse is paralyzed

“the black Thursday announced in the pink City has materialized at dawn by a coordinated ballet blockages and filter dams on road access strategic “, tells our reporter on site Hélène Menal. “The #NuitDebout and trade unionists were deployed in clusters, usually a hundred protesters. Result, almost all axes saturate gradually over the device as in town. ” His article on the situation in Toulouse is to find here

9:45. … But Valls excludes touch this article 2

Manuel Valls spoke Thursday of possible “changes” or “improvement” work bill, even if according to him “out of the question changing part “of the text, in particular on Article 2 disputed by the CGT and FO. “There’s no way to change the setting. There may still be changes, improvements, “Valls said on RMC / BFM TV, repeating that there would be no withdrawal from the project, on the morning of a new day of social mobilization. Pressed to say what might these changes, the head of government did not say: “We’ll see, but there will be no change in the philosophy of the text”

9:38:” Maybe he should touch in Article 2, “Sapin said …

the finance minister Michel Sapin said Thursday he was “possibly” touch to Article 2 of the work Bill, on the relationship between sectoral agreements and agreements business, while avoiding any “questioning of the principles” of the essential reform. “Maybe he should touch down in Article 2″ on some “points”, said the minister when asked about LCP on possible developments for this listing contested by the unions hostile to the text. “You have to look at all this in detail,” and “finesse” the minister added.

9:26: “We are far from a national shortage,” says Francis Duseux (UFIP)

“The demand for fuel level in France is 3 to 5 times higher than it is routine. Our logistics system is not planned for it so it creates a lot of tension, “said on France Info, Duseux Francis, president of the French Union of Petroleum Industries (UFIP).

s’ however, sought reassurance by stating that “the situation is tight in some areas, but it is far from a national shortage. “

9:22: Manure spilled before the socialist federation of the Gard

the CGT Gard spilled manure on Thursday morning before the federation of the Socialist Party in Nimes, in France Bleu Gard Lozère.

Many activists and supporters CGT also block Thursday morning access to the industrial area of ​​Nîmes-Grézan

9:12. Valls has never had intends to resign

Manuel Valls assured on BFM TV and RMC have never thought of resigning despite the challenge of labor legislation.

Have you considered resigning? “No, no,” replied the prime minister does not exclude recourse again to Article 49-3 second reading in the Assembly in late June, early July.

He added not to “have doubts” the support of François Hollande in the period

8:53. Bruno Le Roux was again mentioned “possible developments”

the President of the Socialist group in the Assembly Bruno Le Roux spoke again of “advanced” in his “possible “working on the draft law without considering a” rewriting “of the text disputed for weeks in the streets.

” I do not want to caricature important debates, I have never spoken rewriting. Rewriting, it would mean changing the logic, “assured the MP for Seine-Saint-Denis on the set of France 2 summoned to explain its position yesterday in favor of a change to Article 2 on enterprise agreements

8:46. Unblocking the Normandy Bridge

8:40: CGT “can not impose a law” insists Valls

Prime Minister is the guest of RMC / BFM TV on Thursday morning. He reiterated that there would be no withdrawal from the labor law. “It is out of the question to change course,” he said, noting that changes, however, could take place

8:39: snail Operation door fairground Vincennes in Paris

8:30: Grenoble is also blocked

8:16 : It is complicated in Toulouse

8:14: filtering Dam installed near the Gravelines nuclear power plant without charge drop
Some 80 strikers agents of the Gravelines NPP (North), the most powerful in France, were doing this morning a filtering dam near the plant.

at the call of the CGT, strikers set fire to tires on the road 500 meters from the nuclear site, causing several kilometers stopper, distributing leaflets against the labor law and called motorists, understanding, to join the demonstration 15 hours in Dunkirk.

If, in Claude Lavigne, responsible CGT on the site, “80% of agents” were strikers tonight, the Central has not experienced any drop charge because “these are young cadres operators that have been placed in operation”, but considered that “this could change in the day.”

7:28: 16 of the 19 nuclear power plants have voted to strike

employees of 16 19 nuclear power plants have voted to strike on Thursday to protest against labor law

7:26: highway cut A621 in Toulouse

the highway is cut between Blagnac airport and the device

dams have also been installed in bus depot

7:25: Nantes airport blocked by militants

Since 4:00, the airport access is difficult. Protesters set up roadblocks and burning tires and trash

7:23: Blocked Rennes bus deposit

the bus can not get out of Keolis deposit, blocked him as from 05:00 on Thursday morning

7:22: access to ports of Brest and Lorient made difficult because of filter dams

Brest, access to the port and oil depot is very complicated. Several roundabouts are occupied by militants.

Same at the entrance to the fishing port of Lorient because of a filtering dam since 05:00.

Unlocked since Friday, the oil depot Vern-sur-Seiche, near Rennes, he works at full capacity in early this week. See the summary of the situation by our local Rennes here

7:19: Several bridges blocked in Normandy

the Normandy bridge is occupied by 300 trade unionists, like the Tancarville bridge, only roads to cross the Seine estuary between Lower and Upper Normandy. The action of the militants is to last until 9am.

also surprise Blocking Flaubert bridge in Rouen.

7:18: Amiens partially blocked

the CGT begins a “lock” in the east of the agglomeration

7:17: The A1 motorway near Paris blocked

on highway A1 to Paris, a road train of gene flow up to the Bourget to the door of the chapel, according to France Info

7:16: dozens of protesters gathered in Harfleur

in the city of Le Havre, dozens of demonstrators gathered in the center Harfleur

7:14: bridge blocked Bonpas near Avignon

Nearly Avignon, the roundabout and the bridge Bonpas busy morning are currently blocked by about 40 CGT militants, reports France Info