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Cacophony in the majority of article 2 of the Labour Bill – The World

Manuel Valls to the National Assembly on 25  May.

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The whole day of Wednesday 25 May, contradictory statements were made to the Socialist Party for this listing 2. During questions to the government, the Prime Minister assured that there was no question of calling question this provision of the law

  • Act I:. Bruno Le Roux for a rewrite

the President of the PS group to the Assembly, Bruno Le Roux, invited, Wednesday, May 25, the program “info Questions” on LCP in partnership with Le Monde has and showed favorable to both developments in the labor law concerning the relationship between sectoral and company level agreements, under Article 2 of the draft labor law.

the MP for Seine St. Denis said he hopes to see if there was “a possibility that the branch gives notice priori” and not a posteriori, on the company agreement, “this that is asked by many unions. ”

This proposal comes from the Socialist rapporteur Christophe Sirugue. This compromise amendment had been approved in group meeting on May 10-84 votes against 14, with 11 abstentions (and 177 absent). But he had not been retained by the government before it will make use of Article 49.3 of the Constitution. Bruno Le Roux therefore calls on the table

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Asked by Le Monde , the rebellious MP Laurent Baumel said: “Our position has not changed in two weeks, for us it Sirugue compromise is not acceptable, we stick to one proposed by Jean-Marc Germain, which provides that the company agreement can not be less favorable to the industry agreement. “

When asked about the binding nature of that opinion post, Bruno Le Roux completed:

“I do not know whether the opinion should be binding or not, but at the same time, when the advice is a priori, unions that are in the class may decide to keep or not to keep the proxying for employees who accepted the agreement, and it can not be agreed without mandated to employees. So I do not do you a drawing, there is a real possibility of preventing any drift with this writing. “

The second development proposed by the Socialist deputy is devoted to overtime and compensation: ” Leave does one payment at the discretion of a company agreement or we made sure it matches that had been discussed in the branch agreement? “, asked Bruno Le Roux

  • Act II. Stéphane Le Foll strongly denies

Stéphane Le Foll, spokesman for the government, said him that “there was no going back” on this article anyway, it “is not intended for [in] review the principles “

  • Act III. Mr. Le Roux rétropédale

Asked later by the press, following statements by Stéphane Le Foll, Bruno Le Roux has clarified its position:

“I am not to review the principles of Article 2; for us, there is no news to the withdrawal of the text, the CGT is isolated in calling for the withdrawal of the text, there will be no reversal of the philosophy of the text. Simply, there are debates that have not been closed in first reading. I do not know if they will lead, but they must continue to live and, in particular, [regarding] the relationship between the company agreement and sectoral agreements and the question the overtime rate, which is a subject that worries the French. “

” When I say this, not to return to the philosophy of Article 2 is to complete the “, a-t- he insisted, pounding the parliamentary debate “must exist”

  • Act IV. in the Assembly, Mr. Valls excludes any modification of Article 2

During the session of questions to the government, the Prime Minister has been clear: no changes are planned: “There will or indent text or questioning of Article 2 because it is the heart of the philosophy of the text. “

” Back to these provisions, I quote it would strike a blow to employees because they would lose the benefit of the new rights that the text grants them , said Mr. Valls, taking the words of the secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, who rallied in support of the bill after getting changes at the beginning of March. The head of government was again criticized the attitude of the CGT, called act “to the French and that our economy is not stifled by some” and ensuring that “no option” would “excluded” to remove blockages

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