Saturday, May 28, 2016

Macron: “The best way to pay for a suit is to work” – The Obs

This city that has seen from twenty of his youth to the Syrian jihad, the economy minister wanted to “show another face”: that of a “youth who wants to undertake.” Emmanuel Macron was traveling Friday to meet young pupils of a school digital Lunel, between Montpellier and Nimes in Herault:

“I wanted to come to this beautiful city because first we often spoke of Lunel in ominous terms, as one example of a city that has suffered from the phenomenon of jihad and radicalization. “

” most of them want to start their own business, their own project “, welcomed the minister, referring to the 18 students of the school. “And I wanted to come here to send this message to say first that, in Lunel there is hope, there is the desire to do, there will.”

But on BFM TV images broadcast in the evening, there is much less Compasses exchanges: attacked in the city center by trade unionists on the Labour Act, the Minister of Economy launches into vivid exchanges under the cameras:

“. But I have no lessons to learn if you do not like France to be blocked, stop the block,” joked dryly Emmanuel Macron .

“what has blocked France, the 49-3 Mr Macron” retorted one of his interlocutors

A young man wearing a T-shirt makes it a point on his “suit”, he replied tit for tat.

“You are not going to scare me with your T-shirt. The best way to pay for a suit is to work.”

“But I dream of working, Mr. Macron, I dream! ” reacts a woman nearby. “So give the work all the unemployed want to work!” adds the first. “It is not I who will create jobs. Jobs is the economic activity that will create” replied the minister. The exchange will last about ten minutes before the minister and his entourage are losing patience.

“Take care, youth is desperate!” gives him “the man in T-shirt”. “Youth is not that desperate. [...] Here I come to see young people who want to work, who want to succeed and not saying that! “firmly concludes Emmanuel Macron before turning on his heel.

” run “this Saturday

A taste of the campaign door-to-door movement “run!”, it must start this Saturday? Emmanuel Macro in any case confirmed that he could travel to Marseille as expected “given the context” of strikes and blockades and the meeting at which he is to participate with the players in the oil sector.

Minister of 38 years said he expected his movement “mobilization of all those who want to advance things “and” the most honest and lucid diagnosis as possible of the country. ” “I will report all this work at the end of the summer,” he said. While a sequence of the day placed him at the helm of a boat with fishermen in the pond of Gold, he assured, in response to a question, that we should see no “metaphor” a possible desire to hold one day the country bar …



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