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Para 8th RPIMa attacked while jogging cutter –



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the victim is  Sergeant at Fayolle area of ​​8th RPIMa to  Castres./photo DDM.

                                 The victim is Sergeant at Fayolle area of ​​8th RPIMa to Castres./photo DDM.


While conducting a training march and jogging Thursday night near his home in the countryside near Saint-Julien du Puy, between Lautrec and Graulhet in the Tarn, a soldier of the 8th RPIMa Castres, marine regiment, was the target of a serious assault by two men who are still being sought at this time.

the victim, a Sergeant chef aged 30, dressed in fatigues and carrying a military backpack was not on duty but was training. He was seriously injured in a leg cutter after receiving punches. These are walkers passing by, around 20:30, that rescued him. Transferred in the wake hospital Pays d’Autan in Castres, he received treatment and his life is not in danger.

But nothing at this time does not explain or justify the burning social networks and the Internet around the grounds of this aggression. A national radio said indeed since yesterday morning that the two attackers reportedly held anti-military about reproaching the French bombing Syrie.Mais over of the day, this version was quickly deflated.

And then the case will deflate

the floor of Castres, who opened an inquiry entrusted to the community brigades Vielmur, stated the opposite last night. Charlotte Beluet, deputy prosecutor, “there is a common law offense. A man was assaulted as unfortunately sometimes happens in our jurisdiction. But at no time in his statements, he reported about anti-military or the situation of Syria or the commitment of France in the Middle East was raised by his attackers. “The soldier was also held that he did not know his attackers who fled on board a white vehicle.

As of Thursday evening moreover, the police combed the area to try to trace the two . suspects who are still not found

Similarly, the side of Castres regiment, it has shown little Locace this event for which the officer in charge of the communication just told mid-day: “We let the investigation be conducted to determine the truth in all this.”

No moving for the moment or so witnessed the assault. It is starting to come VIS but also investigate its environment that gendarmes can rely on to try to clear up aggression remains rather mysterious.


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