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Murder of a British 30 years in prison for his ex-lover and gardener – Le Parisien

Jean-Louis Cayou, a gardener of 54 years was sentenced Monday night to 30 years imprisonment by ciriminelle the Aveyron Assize Court which tried him for the murder of her British ex-mistress, Patricia Wilson , disappeared in 2012 in the department.

The prosecution had asked for the same punishment.

Patricia Wilson, 58, was last seen August 17, 2012, at his home near Vabre-Tizac, returning from a trip to England. At the scene, his clothes and abundant traces of blood. The fifties, meanwhile, has never been found.

Since the beginning of the investigation, and throughout the six days of the trial, Jean-Louis Cayrou, 54, who was the gardener and lover Patricia Wilson, maintains his innocence. He acknowledged that it was well made at the disappeared that night but had found places in the state.

“This is an avalanche of evidence “

Recovered Saturday in his cell with traces of very slight mutilation he had inflicted, he finally was deemed “fit to stand trial” on Monday by the court. “To die or live, whatever, I lost everything,” he said before the lifting of the debate. “I am innocent, Patricia, I loved him,” he repeated, asking the jury he “make [his] freedom and [his] honor.”

“We have not need his confession, “commented the General Counsel Manon Brignol. “Everything is perfectly clear, apart, that’s true, something that you have succeeded is to hide the body of Patricia Wilson.” Brushing the portrait of a man “jealous” and “diabolical”, Manon Brignol felt that Jean-Louis Cayrou had not supported the breakdown decided by Patricia Wilson shortly before.

“Yes, Jean-Louis Cayrou is the assassin of Patricia Wilson” did -it hammered, evoking traces of blood of the victim in the car of the accused, the phone records show repeated calls shortly before the disappearance, relatives of testimony of the disappeared and “inconsistencies, lies and scalable versions “of the accused. “It’s an avalanche of evidence that there is against you,” said earlier, in oral argument, counsel for the plaintiffs, Maryse Péchevis, a phrase repeated recently by the General Counsel.

the prosecution case gendarmes

 Investigators Tuesday detailed the Assizes of Aveyron the evidence against the gardener. In the home of the Columbia, where important traces of blood were found, they fall 15 papillary traces (fingerprints) of the accused bloodstained. In the car of Jean-Louis Cayrou, Patricia Wilson’s blood was found on several items, including a stretcher and a headlamp, and other traces of blood appear, cleaned on the door, steering wheel and in the trunk. The police have also recorded back and forth “unusual” Gardener between the Aveyron and the Tarn department neighbor in the days following the disappearance and purchases ‘suspects’ shoes and a watch. Eric Carbonnel, director of the survey also mentioned the “confessions” reported by two inmates of Jean-Louis Cayrou in September 2012, during which he said would have violently rejected Patricia Wilson, before you panic and do away with the body .

Speaking of the “difficulty” of a body without mourning for the family, me Péchevis denounced the “technical sordid ‘defense, which had expressed doubts about the role of companion of the disappeared, Donald Marcus, whose investigation determined he was in England at the time. Jean-Louis Cayrou “does not want to face reality, the elements of the case,” she said. “I hope he ends up cracking, say what we all wait, where is the body of Patricia. I think we find it one day. “

” I have never seen a case handled with such bias “

” I am ashamed, “replied the lawyer for the defense, Mr. Jacques Lévy. “I have never seen a case handled with such bias from the beginning,” has he indignant, criticizing a statement carried in “conditions scandalous”. Jean-Louis Cayrou “has a flaw: it is not brave, he did not face, and the whole affair from there,” said the lawyer, saying the nationality of Patricia Wilson necessary to find a “guilty” for the French justice.

the blood of the victim in the car of the accused? Only “traces” incompatible, according to Mr. Levy, with “a bloody body.” The admissions reported by other inmates? “Two notorious mobsters” on “moral” suddenly “crumpled” he quipped. Burglary of the house shortly after the facts? “Everyone who cares, it does not interest anyone,” according to the lawyer.

“I can not believe that you can base a conviction and 30 years on such light elements” did he pleaded. “If you acknowledge, you will make justice, because there is not enough evidence in this case.”

Chronicle of a worrying disappearance

Patricia Wilson, formerly part in advertising, according to the press of his country, had come with his companion settling in 2007 in a stone house away Vabre-Tizac, picturesque village of 441 inhabitants. She had separated from her companion in 2011 and had established a close relationship with Jean-Louis Cayrou, a man living in a trailer and working as a gardener on behalf of different people. Back in England between 10 and 17 August 2012 in order to buy a car, Patricia Wilson received a large number of phone calls of the suspect.

 Deposited with it by a friend on his return Friday, August 17, she has not been heard from. It is a neighbor who was surprised by his absence, while the shutters were open and his car parked on the ground. Large amounts of blood were found in and outside the house. The trails on the terrace and exterior stairs let suspect that the body was moved.


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