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Eighth national day of action against the bill work – Le Monde

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Inter Demonstration against the labor law,  Marseile, May 17

the Inter-CGT-FO-FSU-Solidaires UNEF-LDIFs-UNL called for an eighth day of national mobilization against the project law work carried by the government Thursday, May 26 A ninth is already scheduled for June 14, with a unique gathering in Paris

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Parades in the capital and in the provinces, oil sites blocked or stopped, disruption expected in ports and power plants, transport strikes: the opponents of the text multiply actions on Thursday to try to shake the government’s resolve . The publication of newspapers is also disrupted.

The movement has yet hardened Wednesday urging the executive to take exceptional measures against the risk of paralysis of the country, such as punctures in the strategic reserves of fuel , and aggressive interventions to unlock deposits.

“the CGT is no law in the country” , launched MPs Prime Minister Manuel Valls. The head of government assured that there would be no “withdrawal” Bill of Minister Myriam El Khomri, on the reform of the labor code, and boasting of particular have the support of the CFDT. The leader of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, has called on his side to “a generalization of the strike”

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Update on the actions planned Thursday:


the CGT, FO, Solidaires, FSU, UNEF, FIDL and UNL have called for demonstrations. While the movement seemed to falter since March 31 (between 390,000 and 1.2 million demonstrators, according to sources), he took over the magnitude May 19, with between 128 000 and 400 000 opponents in the street .

in Paris, the opponents of the law have to scroll from 14 hours between Place de la Bastille and Place de la Nation.

at Nantes, the prefect of the Loire-Atlantique decided to ban an undeclared demonstration. The order concerns an appeal relayed on social networks, and entitled “Ni labor law or 49.3, or state of emergency: Thursday, May 26 Nantes in the street”, for a rally scheduled at 14 hours instead of Bouffay, where take, since March 31, the standing Nantes Nights.


the CGT-Cheminots and SUD-Rail call for the fifth time to disengage. According to a spokesman for the SNCF, the railway traffic is however “less [disturbed] that last week.” As expected Wednesday night by the railway, there was a “slight improvement” on the TGV and in Paris

are provided.

  • 3 TGV 4
  • in the Paris region, traffic is announced “near normal” except on line B where four RER five circulating and Transilien network (4 of 5)
  • province, SNCF ad 2 TER 3 and 6 Intercités 10

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civil Aviation

the Directorate General of civil Aviation (DGCA) has recommended that companies reduce their flights at Orly 15%, due to a strike of the CGT union first of all bodies in civil aviation. Disturbances is also expected on the territory because of the call for general strike, backed by the CGT.


Six refineries eight in total were affected on Wednesday, although the strike in the ExxonMobil refinery in Port-Jérôme-Gravenchon (Seine maritime), near Le Havre, had no effect on production, due to low mobilization.

Ports and docks

the oil routing will be even more complicated Thursday by work stoppages planned in “most ports’ , the call the CGT federation for ports and docks. The CGT federation for ports and docks called the strike until Friday 27 May, “in response to the repression” when enabling the access to the oil depot of Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches du-Rhône). The form of action for the following days and until June 14, “and after if needed” , will be defined later, she says. The CGT had previously called its port unions to join the “regional initiatives” .

At the seaport of Marseille, employees Fluxel not unload any ships since Monday , to dry up the supply of refineries, depots and pipelines in crude or refined products. Tuesday morning, they renewed their movement until Friday. All other port activities – containers, passengers dry bulk (cereals, coal …), ship repair. – Function

The staff of the oil terminals of Le Havre, which handles 40% of French imports, also voted strike from late Tuesday afternoon.


the CGT energy launched a general call to complicate production in all nuclear power plants Thursday. According to the Central, at least 16 of the 19 nuclear power plants in France have voted to strike for Thursday. “In all plants where the CGT is the majority, or 16 of 19, there was general assemblies and the strike was voted” , told AFP a spokesman for the CGT-Energie. However, “this does not mean that there will be load reductions” , he said.

Caught in some units by Force Ouvrière, the CGT has scheduled site blockades, roadblocks to filter access of personnel, but also electricity production declines. She could go to a stop of certain plants. EDF management is preparing to deal with these disruptions, even if it can not, for the moment, to predict the size

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the CGT is organizing a “dead day” in the construction industry, wood and furniture, with “blockages of major projects” and “policies of the interpellation” on employment, wages and retirement. Long anticipated, the operation is also attached to the movement against labor law

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