Monday, May 23, 2016

Austria elects a president that beats Green narrowly extreme right – L’Obs

Vienna (AFP) – The ecologist Alexander Van der Bellen won by a short head the Austrian presidential election front of Norbert Hofer, who narrowly lost to become the first president of extreme right in a Europe faced the rejection of the traditional parties.

Several European leaders expressed relief after the result of this very tracking poll in a Europe that is facing its most serious migration crisis since the Second World war.

the Austrian far right (FPÖ), like its french alter ego, the National Front, have seen the announcement of “future success”.

Nearly one Austrian two voters voted the second round for the Freedom party, one of the most powerful radical right parties electorally in Europe.

with 50.3% of the vote, Mr Van der Bellen, former leader of the Greens 72 years old, beat his opponent by 0.6 points, or 31,026 votes. Norbert Hofer got 49.7% of the vote.

“Thank you for your support. Of course, I’m sad today,” responded Mr. Hofer, a part of the FPÖ to the very discourse smooth, on his Facebook page. But “efforts for this campaign are not lost, they are an investment for the future,” he assured.

Mr. Hofer and the leader of the Austrian Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache, should hold a press conference Tuesday at 9:00 GMT in Vienna.

The Freedom Party, which is leading the polls for parliamentary several months, hope win the chancellery, the executive center of power during the next parliamentary elections in 2018.

Just as the Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, french Prime Minister Manuel Valls expressed his “relief” to see Austrians “reject populism and extremism”.

the future head of the Austrian state, which assume from the July 8, these largely ceremonial functions, pledged to “be a president au above parties “to represent” in all its diversity “a country whose poll revealed divisions.

This is the postal vote, stripped Monday, which finally tipped the balance in favor of ecologist candidate, liberal and centrist sensibility, after a real “thriller” election.

Some 750,000 voters or 16.7% of the votes cast, voted by correspondence while Mr. Hofer was slightly ahead of the votes cast in the polls on Sunday stripped

-. Strong participation –

Credited with only 21.3% of the vote in the first round, far behind his opponent had obtained 35%, Van der Bellen received a turnout up (72.7%) and important voice overs of the traditional parties, who had suffered a historic setback.

defeat of the social Democrats and the Conservatives, who govern Austria in a coalition since 2007, reflects the discrediting of the traditional parties in Europe.

the Cypriot parliamentary elections Sunday were marked by the entry a far-right party in parliament, the first on the Mediterranean island.

“the great result” Norbert Hofer “announcement of future success” in Austria and “elsewhere” predicted the National Front in France, one of the European countries where the far right is the strongest and aims victory in the presidential election in 2017.

the vote is proof Austria a new era is dawning in Europe, welcomed the co-leader of the German populist right AFD (Alternative für Deutschland), Frauke Petry, who had traveled to Vienna for the evening of the second round on Sunday.

the FPÖ, as the AFD, has surfed the wave of migration that saw 90,000 people apply for asylum in the country in 2015, more than 1% of the population.

Mr. Hofer, an affable and civilized MP FPÖ activist since his youth, had focused his speech on the purchasing power, keeping openly xenophobic excesses that had the mark of his party in the past.

He seduced the majority of male voters (54%) and without a diploma of the second degree (58%). The workers vote is overwhelmingly went to his party (71%).

Mr. Van der Bellen is in turn managed to attract young voters (56%) and over 50 (51%). Her constituents were mostly motivated by the conviction that it was “the most able to represent Austria abroad.”


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