Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Anne Hidalgo announced the creation of a refugee camp in Paris – Le Point

La Chapelle Stalingrad, the Jean-Jaures high school … the last year, the City of Paris is facing the installation of makeshift camps where refugees congregate. Mayor Anne Hidalgo decided to take him round the body and the problem announced Tuesday, May 31 its intention to create a humanitarian refugee camp in Paris. It intends to rely on the expertise of associations to offer “day care” but also “the accommodation of people arriving poor” in the capital.

No place is arrested for moment, but Anne Hidalgo said that “several sites north of Paris” had been “identified”, “owned by us, on which we will install a camp hosting a humanitarian.” The services of the municipality are in the process of “appraise different sites to see how quickly, as soon as possible, we will consider them available” state, probably within a month to a month and half. The mayor did not specify the dimensions required for this field, but it will be “wide enough to accommodate several hundred people.”

The mayor does not want to see “camps unworthy”

at the press conference, Anne Hidalgo said she intended to work hand in hand with the police headquarters and the regional prefect. A device similar to that of Grande-Synthe camp, where the town hall, the State and the associations cooperate to provide a decent home for refugees. The goal is to establish a camp that will respect the “regulatory requirements” and “those camps of refugees and migrants set by the UN and the UNHCR” (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), assured the mayor. This means modular accommodation, “which can be installed quickly,” but with “every comfort”.

“I wish the State to be partner,” repeated Anne Hidalgo, accompanied for this conference Press the partner associations of the project: Emmaus France Terre d’Asile and Aurora. The idea is that “we no longer saw these shameful camps” and that “people who arrive destitute are not forced to go under subways or on sites like the one we know to Aeolus’ where a migrant camp recently restored in the north of Paris, bringing together nearly 800 people – Sudanese and Afghans for most. With the heavy rains of recent days, health conditions deteriorated sharply this camp, latest in a long series of squats installed and dismantled in the capital last year. “We must move up a gear”, stressed the mayor.

Anne Hidalgo takes the state of short

At the Interior Ministry, was greeted with a certain surprise the draft Anne Hidalgo state will decide “when he has to take cognizance of its objectives, its articulation with the right to stay and the national hosting and asylum devices,”-t- is shown. The initiative “falls within the free administration of local authorities,” do we commented to the ministry. The state “takes its responsibility to thin a coherent national system,” noted-the same source, recalling that 8500 people have been away for a year during evacuations Parisian camps. Paris knows indeed an influx of migrants in transit, particularly to Calais, which contributes to clogging the asylum application and to saturate the hosting structures. It a month ago, Anne Hidalgo had banged his fist on the table by holding “imperative” to “change of method”.

However, the side of the associations involved in the reception of migrants, who had called for an “emergency plan” in early May, the announcement triggered optimistic reactions. “This is a positive initiative. The city council gives the impulse, it is necessary that the State seizes the subject because the reception of refugees is his responsibility, “estimated Florent Gueguen, CEO of Fnars (National Federation of rehabilitation associations). For associations, it is necessary that such initiatives flourish elsewhere in France, not to leave Paris frontline. “The device must be articulated with all the regional capitals”, said for his part Pierre Henry, general manager of France Terre d’Asile, evoking a sense of “solidarity”.


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