Monday, May 30, 2016

sexual harassment and assault, five new evidence implicate Denis Baupin – The World

The MP Denis Baupin Paris on 2 December  2015.

These are five new witnesses, including two openly that Mediapart and France Inter publish Monday, May 30. Five new testimonies of women who are not all militant environmentalists, who said they were sexually harassed or assaulted by the deputy of Paris, Denis Baupin between 1997 and 2014. Already accused by several elected sexual harassment the Green MP Denis Baupin resigned on May 9 the vice-presidency of the national Assembly, while denouncing allegations “false” and “defamatory” . In the aftermath, the Paris prosecutor opened a preliminary investigation.

After Sandrine Rousseau, Isabelle Attard, Elen Debost, Annie Lahmer and four other elected Genevieve Zdrojewski, Laurence Mermet and three other women denounce today ‘ hui of acts of harassment by the historic leader of the Greens

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“He pressed against the wall”

Geneviève Zdrojewski, restated the administration claims to have been “physically assaulted” twice by Denis Baupin. She was head of the office of the Cabinet of the Minister of Environment Corinne Lepage

“The first time, Mr. Baupin entered my office quickly so totally unexpected, and he threw himself on me. I started to cry. He said: “Stop screaming, your secretary will hear us.” Me I said, “But it’s unbearable. Stop, stop. “I was pissed. So it came out. “

The second time, she said, was in the bathroom.

” There he pressed me against the wall, with his hands on my breasts and trying to kiss me. Both times it was brutal and sexual. “

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In the early 2000 Laurence Mermet heads the communications mission of the Directorate of roads and movements, under the leadership of Denis Baupin. So it is a political meeting of the Greens, it just sit right behind her, she relates.

“[He] started caressing my neck insistently, without any ambiguity in the register of his actions, could not be more intimate. Shocked, so I made him understand firmly that I was not interested in it with him and have firmly rejected.

In all, Mediapart and France Inter claimed to have found 13 cases may fall under sexual harassment, sexual assault or harassing phone calls from Denis Baupin. If he has resigned as Vice President of the National Assembly since the revelation of this affair, he retained his parliamentary seat

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