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Medical deserts “catastrophe” debate in Congress of Mayors of France – Le Monde

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Baroin, President of the AMF before the  French Mayors on 31 May 2016.

How to address the shortage of doctors today know that hundreds of communes in France? The Association of Mayors of France (AMF) considered the issue of access to care enough concern to make “the number one topic” the opening debate of the 99 th Congress, Tuesday, May 31, in Paris. “There is not now a department of France, not a township, not a capital of canton that has problems finding a country doctor replacement ‘, has argued Baroin, the mayor (LR) of Troyes and president of the AMF, noting that smaller towns north of the Loire also beginning to be affected.

“the State has not been able to anticipate the disaster and today no territory of the country is immune, “ abounded Patrick Bouet, president of the National Order of physicians, who called to “ change the organizational model.” “There will no longer necessarily a doctor permanently in each territory” , he warned. Some 2.5 million French people live in a medical desert , announced the Order in November, when publishing its regional atlas of medical demography

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in the 192 identified areas that bring together 2378 “living areas”, the doctors retire struggling to find a replacement. Those still operating experiencing extendable days and must refuse new patients. A Montceau-les-Mines for example, a common 19 000 inhabitants in Saône-et-Loire, 8,000 people now find themselves without referring doctor.

Aid to Installation doctors

for some local officials, a successor to the doctor who retires can quickly turn into a headache. “This is a phenomenon that overwhelms us” , acknowledged Isabelle Maincion, mayor of La Ville-aux-Clercs (Loire-et-Cher) and co-chair of the Health Working Group to the AMF. “This medical desertification becomes a real disaster” , launched from Luc Bouard hall, the mayor of La Roche-sur-Yon (52 000, Vendée). “ We attract many new inhabitants but no new doctors. You have to be more pragmatic. It is not common to pay a premium for using the installation is the State to do so. “ The recent proposal for Medicare to pay a lump sum of 50 000 doctors settling in medical deserts nevertheless illustrates the steps taken by the authorities in the field.

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numerus clausus long enough, refusing to be far from a center urban aspirations of young doctors to perform differently from their elders … the causes of the shortage are known. “What counts is the quality of work and life” Health young professionals, said Peter Haas, president of the French Federation of houses and health centers (FMMPS) . These structures, in which private practitioners may perform several of other health professionals sides have developed significantly in recent years. The number of 174 in 2012, with France now has more than 800 and the threshold of 1400 could be exceeded in 2018, recently announced the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls.

In addition to these multidisciplinary health houses for which elected not always manage to find candidates, other solutions were discussed on Tuesday morning. “You have to tinker with as close to the ground projects” , claimed a mayor. Marie-Louise Fort, the mayor (LR) Sens, in Yonne, has told how SOS Médecins practitioners had become in his city, experimental, referring physicians seniors who had none. After long sought to attract private doctors, Pierre Polard, the mayor of Capestang, in Hérault, said he had found “three months” doctors willing to come and work as employees in the municipal health center set up by the municipality. “This mode of exercise to the expectations of doctors’ , he said, estimating that ” Governments should support these efforts. “


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